Flights from new Zealand to the Cook Islands

New Zealand to Cook Islands flights

Daily flights from London Heathrow to Auckland with connections to Christchurch & the Pacific Islands including the Cook Islands and Fiji. These are a list of destinations served by Air New Zealand. See Air New Zealand Link companies Air Nelson and Mount Cook Airline for more services.

ROUND THE WORLD: HOT! From London to the Cook Islands for just £420! Buses in New Zealand and/or China from £467!

A very low-cost service from London to Rarotonga, Cook Islands for just £474 round trip! Ad a multi-day stay in New Zealand from £467 or in New Zealand and Shanghai from £503! The Rarotonga is a jungle-covered vulcanic isle. When you are not the mountaineer you can go on a birdwatching trip in the lower woods - Rarotonga has almost as many lovely indigenous species as dazzling tropic species.

The driest month on Rarotonga are from May to October, the hottest from January to March. Perhaps if you are a real discoverer, it is perhaps the right moment for a journey to New Zealand! And New Zealand is full of activities. The caves of New Zealand are some of the most demanding and spectral cave complexes in the game.

The exploration of the world-famous firefly caves is a one-of-a-kind adventure that should be on your docket! You can hike or hover through the Waitomo Caves from November to March, which are famous for their Arachnocampa Luminous populations - small bugs that emit their distinctive, luminous caves. It only occurs in New Zealand.

On the Waitomo River, the only source of sunlight from the fireflies that create a heaven of live candles. Glowworm Grotto is part of the Waitomo Cave System, which encompasses the Ruakuri Cave and the Aranui Cave with several small subterranean ponds. Accomodation:In Rarotonga you can spend the night at Kiikii Inn & Suites with good ratings.

Whangaparaoa Lodge is situated opposite Little Manly Beach and has a wide range of accommodations with TV and cuisine.

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