Flights from Kauai to Oahu

Kauai-Oahu flights

Q. What is the cheapest airline flying from Honolulu to Kauai Island? Pro tip: On the road it is said that the best fish tacos can be found all over Hawaii at North Shore Tacos on Oahu. Piper Chieftain's eight passengers offer flights between the islands in air-conditioned comfort. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, Kauai is the most northwestern of the major Hawaiian islands.

If you travel to Kauai, most holidaymakers fly to Honolulu International Airport on Oahu and then a connecting flight to Kauai's Lihue Airport.

Kauai or Oahu before your return trip - Kauai Forum

I am caught between remaining in Kauai for 7 overnight stays and taking an 8:40am plane to HNL then a 12:10pm plane to Tokyo the same afternoon -- OR -- go to Oahu the morning before and stay one overnight then go to the next day'stl. International Airports.

It' my first one in Hawaii. I' ve been hearing a lot of great things about Kauai, so am I considering staying there for 7 days, OR does it make me want to share my spare minute between Kauai and another city that is open for my trip to Japan? Longer, the better on Kauai.

Mornings are so brief. So why do you have to fly to HNL so early? You have flights every 1/2 h. When you leave LIH at 9:30am, you would be there 2hrs before your internat. Lots of boarding and lodging to do. Each additional lesson on Kauai is more enjoyable.

Commend -- stick to Kauai and get a better link to HNL if you can. I' d stick to Kauai and only have one working days instead of two. Diving into the metropolitan environment of HNL with the problems of transport and sound and concrete and masses of people will reduce your impression of Kauai.

Depart from Kauai. I made my first visits to Hawaii, where, thanks to my regular visits to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., I always remained in Kauai until the early hours of my return to the Far East. You' ll be more exhausted the next two days than just being on Kauai.

It' not even in Oahu one day before your plane ride to Tokyo. It is a big town, a lot of communication to/from the Aiport. I wouldn't give you much anyway to do anything. You' ll find you're in transportation most of the way. There is no 8:40 a. m. Lihue plane to get on a 12 o'clock 12 o'clock intern.

It starts shortly after 11am and they want you there sooner for anyways. So there is enough spare space for possible troubles and to have a snack before the long trip. Or would you suggest an air lines that are dependable and punctual?

What is the normal way to buy your air tickets between the islands? Considering the danger that if you miss your Honolulu service to Tokyo, you will have to allow at least 24 hrs to get on another Far East leg, I would like to emphasize that you must now reserve a Hawaiian Airlines seat. I' ll arrive in HNL from Japan at 7:30 a.m. and am planning a trip to Kauai the same time.

How long would it take to get my baggage and take the HNL plane to Kauai? Hmmm.....It might make more sense catching a much later plane, just in case the plane is overdue. Do you think Hawaiian can place me on a later plane (if there is a United Airlines delay) at no extra cost?

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