Flat Island

Shallow Island

Shallow Island can refer to it: Get ready for a magical day of relaxation and fun on the pristine beaches of Flat Island. isl4 isl, popularly known as Flat Island, is a quarter mile offshore from the boat ramp. The Flat Island is one of four rocky islands in the central Bonavista Bay, which together are called the Flat Islands. Popoia Island is a horizontally oriented offshore island.

Flat Island & Lunch & Open Bar - Catamaran Cruise

A sunny and relaxing days, beverages, delicious meals and lots of enjoyment! Today's sightseeing tour will take you to the famed Flat Island in northern Mauritius, where you can enjoy a sunny and relaxing holiday, as well as tasty meals, beverages and music. Journey times are about 1.5 hrs before arriving at Flat Island.

The Flat Island is the biggest of the North. The only exception is the only mound overlooked by a nice light house (there is a nice 40-minute walk up to the lighthouse). On Flat Islnad you will spend the night on the wonderful sandy beach, snorkeling in the lagoon, exploring the indigenous sea line and enjoying tasty meals and drinks.

You can also take advantage of a tasty barbecue at Flat Island's central shore or on a catamaran. Then you can spend the night on the lovely sandy whitewashed shores, sunbathe in the tranquil lake, or take a lovely stroll along the sandy shores or even up the hillside to the top of the beacon, where you can see a stunning view of all 5 North States.

Aparthotel Island is an astonishing island of heaven that offers the ideal framework for a restful sunny days. It' a great place to spend a days of recreation and pleasure on one of the Postcards or to swim and snorkel in the seas. Around 2:30 pm you are leaving Flat Island and returning to Grand Bay.

Another advantage of this trip is that you can have a complete open-bar service with a choice of soft and non-sweetened beverages. Shantytown, Flat Island: The flat island, called Île Plate in French, is situated near the Round Island, in the far northern part of Mauritius, about 11 kilometres northern of Cap Malheureux, the most northern point of the Mauritian continent.

The Flat Island (size of 253 acres, is the biggest of the north islands ) is mostly flat, but has a unique mound with a beacon. To the north of Flat Island is Pigeon Skirt, a spectacle of naked rocks where many sea birds nest. Unicornerable for snorkellers, Flat Island also has great diving spots.

This island has wonderful sandy areas with clear blue waters.

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