Five Finger Mountain


It can be referred to as Five Finger Mountain: The Beshparmak in Turkish and Five Fingers in English. Nothopanax colensoi var. fiordensis, Neopanax colensoi, Nothopanax, Nom commun : Mountain five finger, Three finger, Orihou Search Account. Find the perfect stick photo with five fingers. The Meizhou Five Finger Mountain.

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Five-Finger Mountains - Northern Cyprus

The Beshparmak in Turkish and Five Fingers in English. Rocks failed to reach their destination and ended up on the hill that formed the five-finger crest. The mountain chain has three major crossings through which most transport flows, but there are other routes that take a more difficult path and are used by forester, enthusiastic hikers, lambs and geese.

From Kyrenia, the mountain passport is located at the turnoff to St. Hilarion, the most important of the col. In this way it avoids the hardest windy conditions from the dry fruitful ground that covers the farmland between the Troodos Mountains in the southern part and the Kyrenia Mountains in the northern part.

It is irrigated by the cold rains and provides the plants with nutrients, and the lime is an ideal filtering agent for the waters conserved in the mountain aquifer. This mountain chain supplies the waters for almost all cities and communities in Northern Cyprus. Because of the buoyancy of the shifting volcanic slabs, the rocky limestones have created the summits on which the mountain fortresses have been constructed, resulting in a diverse and breathtakingly scenic landscape.

Moreover, the Kyrenia Mountains is an area with a varied vegetation, many of them native to the area and a joy spot for all botanist, whether beginner or prof.

Legends of the Five-Finger-Mountain

Someday the guys got sick of tricking each other, so they chose a game. It was a battle that took place in a marshland. This malicious man tried to gain the kindhearted man by hurting him and pulling him more deeply into the mire.

This kind-hearted man began to descend gradually lower into the mire, and as he tried to escape the mire, he lifted his blade with one last exertion, and the blade slid out of his grip. Gradually he dragged his adversary down in the marsh, but was also himself entombed with five paws to the Heaven.

Meanwhile, the swampy area has become dry and the good-hearted man's hands have been turned into hills, and today we can see his ankles with five hands on the eastern Kyrenia Mountain.

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