Fiordland Kayaking

Kayaking Fiordland

Catch Milford or Doubtful Sound at water level from a kayak. There are fantastic areas for kayaking in Fiordland, including Doubtful Sound, Milford Sound and numerous lakes and rivers. Learn where to go kayaking, kayak rental, safety and tips and tour planning. Te Anau Lake is a good choice for day kayaking or family activities. Kayaking in New Zealand at some of the most spectacular and breathtaking spots on the South Island in Fiordland with the experienced team.

Kayak " Destination Fiordland

Catch Milford or Doubtful Sounds at sea levels from a canoe. Seakayak packages are available as daily tours in Milford or Doubtful Sounds and as kayaking nights in DoubtfulSounds. The fjords are a great way to see the fjords from the plain of the countryside. Kayaking rental also allows you to explore the many regional waters and seas, and longer tours can be arranged with your company.

Fiordland National Park activity

Te Anau is a good choice for daily kayaking or activity with the group. The access is possible from the shore and the sea. That part of the pond can be very roughen. At the fjord entry and near The Narrows there is a good campsite, or you can spend the night in the Glaisnock hut at the end of the fjord.

The entrance to the pond is from Te Anau Downs (30 km from Te Anau). It can be very rugged, but also has protected coves, islets and the Junction Burn Hut in the South West Arm. For the more adventurous, kayaking from the northwest arm to the Hankinson River (difficult terrain) and then taking the George Sound Route for a stroll.

In the Murchison Mountains (special area takah?), incl. the south side of the Middle Fjord, no entrance or camp site is allowed. Best entrance to the area is from Te Anau Downs (30 km from Te Anau). You can hike to the Hidden Lakes and to the viewpoint, a footbridge at Shell Bay.

The Murchison Mountains (special area takah?), incl. the north side of the South Fjord, have no entrance or campings. Landscape, rugged natural beauties with protected isles, lovely sandy shores and good hiking opportunities from the shores. The entrance to the waters is in Pearl Harbour, Manapouri. It is difficult to get to the seaside around Fiordland, but kayaking at the seaside is very worthwhile for the experienced and adventure seekers.

The Milford Sound is a very precipitous fjord with impressive scenery, but with a lot of boating in it. On the south side, it is better protected from the predominant west wind, especially the morning breezes in summers. There are two sites for campsite - Harrison Cove and Anita Bay. Accessible via a boating platform on Deepwater Basin Road in Milford Sound.

On the south side there is protection from the predominant west wind. Cabins are Deas Cove Hut (Thompson Sound) and The Gut Hut (Doubtful Sound). You can reach this fjord by cross Lake Manapouri and drive over the Wilmot Pass (see Transport Services in Fiordland) to Deep Cove. More information on kayaking on rivers can be found in Graeme Charles''New Zealand White Water', available at the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre.

Kayak tours (one or two days or overnight) on the fjords Doubtful Sound/Patea and Milford Sound/Piopiotahi, or on seas and streams by appointment with your guide. If you are an expert canoeist, you can rent a kayak on Lake Te Anau and Lake Manapouri. Due to the difficult weather in the fjords, it is not possible to rent canoes.

There is always a chance that the Fiordland climate will improve, so be ready for anything. Note that the fjords and seas are open, the winds are usually stronger in the afternoons and the circumstances can vary at any of these. The Fiordland River can quickly climb and drop after rains or snowmelt. Because of the vast catchment areas that flow into the river, it does not have to rainy when you want to go by sea to be threatened by inundation.

They can be rented in Te Anau. Contribute to keeping the invading plants such as Lagarosiphon and Teaymo out of the water. Have a look at the Fiordland National Park Teaymo Control. New Zealand White Water' by Graeme Charles - describing many kayaking trips throughout Fiordland. It is available at the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre.

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