Fijian Ancestry

Fiji ancestry

In order to track your family tree, you must find the records of your ancestors' births, deaths and marriages. Christmas my Indian husband did a DNA test at The Fiji Genealogy is a collection of resources designed to help family historians find their ancestors and information about life in the early days of white settlement. A first hurdle is to find the immigration passport of the ancestors, which are kept in the National Archives in Suva Fiji.

Note: Listed are Fijians for whom reliable sources indicating Jewish descent have been found.

Can I track my pedigree?

In order to track down your pedigree, you need to begin with what you know about your parent and grandparents. In the first section, enter your name, date of your birthday, place of your birthday and, if applicable, your wedding. With the exception of pedigrees filed with websites such as Ancestry and FamilySearch, which are not always trusted, there are no recordings for Fiji on-line.

You can only track your pedigree by getting as much copy as you can of your parents' and grandparents' natal, wedding and decease deeds. The civilian recording (i.e. state registration) of childbirths, fatalities and marriage in Fiji began when Fiji was transferred to Great Britain in 1874, although in reality it took several years before the process was applied to all the Fiji isles.

The registry has been subdivided into distinct registries - Fijian, Indian and General (European, Chinese, etc.). Photocopies of the certifications can be requested from the Fiji Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Suva They' re not costly, but you have to give them a cashier's check to cover them if you are living outside Fiji, which can be high.

Microfilm is available in the National Archives of Fiji and the FailySearch archives or can be lent in member FamilySearch archives worldwide. Fiji by location. We' re looking for Fiji - Civilian Registry, for some reasons not all indices are listed under'indices'. For example, if you are looking for your grandfather's birthday, choose either the Fijian Births or the General Births and then the index for the time you need, e.g. 1912-1920.

The name of the sire ( "births"), the name of the dead ( "deaths") or the name of the spouse ( "marriages") are used. So, if I wanted the baby of Ruth Whippy, daugther of Jesse Whippy and Judith Simpson, I need number 93 and the year 1922. I have to find the mike with this newborn.

Return to the General Birth Records and find the 1920 movie. Several years have more babies than one movie fits, so they can be divided into two movies - so you need the number. If this is the case, the movie is European Births 1-113, 1922, movie number 761086.

I' d suggest that you rent the indices first and record ALL records for the ones you are interested in. As a rule, you can register your baby in English, but sometimes also in Fijian: Now you have enough information to enter the date and place of your child's birthday and parents' name.

Information about the parent can also be contained. They can now search for the marriages of these mum and dad who should give the name of their family... and so on. At some point you will return to the time before the start of civilian registrations. Luckily, the christening or wedding was documented by the local ministry or even by the evangelists in front of the parishes.

The Fiji National Archives supports reproductions of the church records of the early Vesleyan missionsaries.

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