Fiji Yasawa Island Resort Package

Yasawa Fiji Island Resort Package

It is an exclusive retreat on one of Fiji's most remote and untouched islands. The Yasawas islands and resorts can be explored to your heart's content with a Bula Pass in your hand! Find out why YASAWA iSLAnd RESoRT & SPA...

Vacation can arrange transportation to and from your hotel, island resort or cruise. The Nanuya Island Resort, comfortably embedded in the beautiful Yasawa Island Group of Fiji.

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Contrary to many of our hotel and resort establishments that begin with regular rooms, Yasawa Island Resort does not need to increase the luxuryquota. These 6 roomy mansions are situated in couples amidst the shaky palm trees and are only a minutes away from the sea.

The Deluxe Bures Beachfront: Featuring stunning sea view from the terrace or bedroom, ensuite en-suite shower and split-level interior to accentuate the room, these are a great option for couple. Situated on a cliffy hill with a view of the resort and large parts of the sea. 5 star luxurious beach resort in Yasawa Island Fiji.....

Yasawa Island Resort is a text-book island resort. Featuring over 11 secluded sandy areas (a total record!) and only 18 mansions, it is a day-to-day activity to find routes of uninhabited natural beauties. Swim and snorkel is also great for Fijians, with clear water and colorful schools of fishe.

At the push of a button a picknick on the shore is organized - honeymoons and pairs will hardly ever be able to appreciate this kind welcome. A dive charters is also a must with the Yasawas - our South Pacific specialists can make arrangements in no time at all. Every open bore has extra-large king-size cots, ubiquitous vistas from inside the mansions and from the large sundecks, en-suite baths and shower rooms.

Featuring a chef staff at the resort's restaurants, the resort surpasses itself every evening with sea food, Fiji and world cuisine. Also the view to the beaches help. Then all the travelers have to do is ask for dinner on the shore, sun-drenched barbecues and happy room services - Fiji's welcoming atmosphere is contagiously cozy.

The Yasawa Island Resort, like the archipelago, is a jewel in itself - quiet, tranquil and unbelievably private. Find out more about our package tours to Fiji now or call our South Pacific specialists at 1300 991 751 to learn more about honeymooning and wedding arrangements at Yasawa Island Resort.

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