Fiji where to go

Fiji, where to go

We' re leaving for Nadi at the end of October. Whereto in Fiji - Fiji Forum We' re planing to spend three nights in Fiji to get over the plane and rest for a few nights before we reach Sydney and drive up the east coast for three whole week. The place we want to spend the night is not too pricey with a beautiful sandy beaches, angling, horse back rides, etc.

Tavenui Isle to which you are referring is one I have visited, especially the Maravu Village. Are you sure this is a good place? I just did a little research and realized that there will be another one and a half hours flying as soon as we get off the plains to Maruva Village!

That' s why I visited the Plantation Island Resort! All they have now are the one-bedroom outdoor offices - don't you know if you remained in one of these rooms - are they good? Where is the way to the shore? I' checked up on Maravu for a while.

Yeah, the Boers aren't on the shore. They're just out for a stroll. It is not so big, but about two years ago a stream came through, which contributed to clearing some of the "trees". It' a place full of green. Nearly all Boers have a whirlpool with a circumferential whirlpool rim.

I think this will be a great place from what I've been reading and what folks have said about the area. So if you have any more questions, you can ask me or Katt332 seems to like this area.

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We' re interested in seeing the lovely sandy beach and the clear waters. If you want to go to sandy beach, you have to go to an off-shore isle. Check out the Yasawa Islands for smaller resort, the Mamanucas have some larger ones. The Navini Iceland Resort is located only a few steps away from the capital city, but is scenic and scenic.

All of the small island's beaches are covered with fine sandy beaches, tropical vegetation and aqua marine waters. You can find more information on their website - snorkelling excursions or other outdoor pursuits are covered as well as all the aquatic gear on the isle. Cetaceans seen last year before Octopus - unfortunately I was one weeks too far behind!

There' so many isles to explore! During my search I found accommodation in Savusavu, Vanua Levu. Personally, I came home with Dengue Fever, which wasn't a lot of laughs, but that's not to say that it will affect everyone who travels to Vanua Levu. Somethin' I met in Fiji.....

Oktopus and Blue Lagoon - the rates are as indicated inclusive of tax and without extra charge for payment by Carte.

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