Fiji Waves

Iiji waves

Receive the best Fiji travel and weather information along with live HD Fiji cams. The Fiji should be on the list of all traveling surfers. The crystal clear waters and high quality waves make Fiji an ideal surfing destination. Look at this Fiji surf guide. Surfing primer in Fiji - best season, weather, accommodation and surf guides.

Fiji's Top 5 Surfbreaks

Whether you're a classic Quicksilver Pro or a Barney who's never been on a plank before, the waves are definitely in Fiji! During 2010, the state adopted the Regulations of Surfingareas Decree, which liberalises accessibility to all Fiji windsurfing areas and strengthens the state' s reputation as a first-class windsurfing resort.

In fact, it's difficult to find a poor rupture in Fijibut, here are five of the best hot spots to get your plank wet: So if you've been hearing about Fiji you' ve probably already learned about the severity of Cloudbreak. It is a brief cruise from Tavarua Island, about a kilometer from the Tavarua Surf Resort.

Though it may seem quiet at first glance, Cloudbreak could be one of the hardest windsurfing locations in Fiji, and one of the most enduring - but you're sure to have some tubing there. The three different parts of this rest are explained by our expert drivers: There is the point (or the tip), and the center, both quite tearable, and then there is the section they named the "shish kebabs" (or the inside), where the riff is quite flat - so be cautious.

Disparations is one of those good old buddies you can always rely on; while this place doesn't have the killing tube you'll find elsewhere, the waves are small, quick and steady. This is a fairly flat area, so it is safe to encounter desparation at high water and riding when the wind comes from the south.

It' also off the coast of Tavarua. Restaurant is a windsurf breaking spot right on the rim of an open cliff. Sometimes it's shallow and sometimes you get cheered on on the world's most flawless windsurf breaks - even better than Cloudbreak. Underneath the corals and cliffs, which can do some harm, so don't sail at low water.

Wilkes Passage (a.k.a. Wilkes) is a great place for windsurfers of all skill level, which makes it ideal if your team has a mix of different skill level experiences. Whilst the fracture is fairly even, point at the right side of the riff that puts you down to relish the security of the canal.

And last but not least, it' s also known as the "crazy" breakers, because you have to be mad to drive them! It is very consistent and often shallow, but if the weather is right, you can get in and get quick power house left and right. When you plan your next windsurfing holiday, why not go to the Fiji area?

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