Fiji Vanuatu or new Caledonia

Vanuatu Fiji or New Caledonia

Monetary Advice New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji, Ask a Cruise Questio. South Pacific Islands / Solomon-New Caledonia-Vanuatu-Fiji. Paradise Islands to be visited Beautiful hacienda, empty sandy and empty sandy beach, jagged mountains - what is there not to be loved on the Pacific isles? There are only 10,000 natives even on the most populous isle, Rarotonga (your point of arrival). Maybe its biggest advantage is that its islets are small, which means that people can reach any part of the archipelago within a few short mins.

Aitutaki is home to probably the best laguna in the Pacific behind Bora Bora and has a few high-end hotels. There is no place in the Pacific that is more safe for a Samoa vacation. This is the most traditionally island of all, the natives living in traditionally large country houses run by chieftains.

It has two major isles. It' encircled by a broad expanse of water and boasts many nature features, such as the Afu Aaufall. Recreational activities include snorkeling, scuba-dive, yachting, kayak, cycling, 4x4 and fish. However, Polynesia has much more to offer than a high-priced honeymoon (although there is no more conspicuous situation in the whole country than Bora Bora).

On an area of the Pacific Ocean the same area as Europe, there are about 130 Isles that make up Polynesia. Isles like Tahaa, Raitea and Huahine are less than an hour's flying distance from Papeete, but welcome only a few thousand people a year. Nearly all Polynesian Frenchs go directly to Tahiti, Moorea or Bora Bora, although it is nowhere in Polynesia that is overcrowded with less than 160,000 each year.

Whilst Polynesia in France has earned its fame as the most romantically - and some say most dearly - travel destinations in the word, it is only now that it is beginning to draw a domestic population. Bora Bora itself provides separated areas for couples at its five-star resort, exclusively for teens and kids (such as Four Seasons Resort's Chill Island).

As many of the volcanic formations of Polynesia's volcanic archipelago, its mountains provide demanding walking opportunities between summits over 1000 metres high and through caves. While Vanuatu has long drawn people to its capitol, Port Vila, Vanuatu has much more to offer from the best shipwreck dive in the word to its most amenable liveaboard.

Vanuatu's biggest isle is Santo and one of the most scenic tourist attractions in the Pacific. There is everything from country-style host families on the Laguna to quintuple resorts. For more information about While circling over New Caledonia, you will be pampered with the full spectrum of tropic blue in the world's biggest closed swimming area.

Then you could also be deceived that you have ended up somewhere on the French Riviera while browsing through the French language city of New Caledonia's Noumea. Noumea is only a small part of what there is to be loved about New Caledonia. In New Caledonia there are more than 150 berths for boats and cats.

The New Caledonia is also an important stopover in the Southern Pacific. Cruise lovers can visit some of New Caledonia's most popular isles, such as the Isle of Portes with its renowned desolate pine-fringed sandy islets and Mare and Lifou on the Loyalty Isles, home to some of the finest Pacific coastline as well as calcareous rocks and canyons.

From Noumea to the Loyalty Isles and the Isle of Pines. Arrival Qantas and Air Caledonie to Noumea. Fiji is not a unique place; there are more than 330 archipelagos that make up the archipelago - no matter how often you come to Fiji, there is always something new to try.

Some archipelagos hardly welcome tourists, while others, such as the quaint Yasawa Islands, were banned from rural travel until 25 years ago and have retained their traditionally Melanese civilization. While Fiji has some of the best scuba and snorkeling in the Pacific, every year the surfer comes here to the best surf break in the whole wide range (Cloudbreak on the Mamanuca Islands is one of the top 3 in the world).

Including flight, sightseeing trip, sightseeing trip and BBQ luncheon for about $455. Vantuatu Take a trip in four wd through the village to the Mt Yasur Tanna and its volcan. CALEDONIA Charter a boat and enjoy the biggest closed water sports area in the canal. Today he lives in Australia and visits the Polynesian and Melanesian islets yearly.

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