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" Put your hands down, the most exquisite honeymoon destination you could ever hope for! Magnificent beaches, historic sites, coral reefs and cultural activities make this chain of islands in the South Pacific a popular holiday destination. Fiji is a popular holiday destination for its white sandy beaches, tropical jungle, friendly people and adventure activities. You will create a tailor-made holiday in Fiji that, if you are interested, can cover the many sides of the country. It is the perfect place to go on holiday, as it is a year-round destination, but you have to be sure to choose the right time.

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It is reminiscent of a subtropical nirwana with bluish green water, sandy whites and over 300 isles. On our way home from Australia we spent a few nights in Fiji and found a very family-friendly traveler. It is a message you will always be hearing from the local people in Fiji. There are over 300 islets in this paradise, so there is no lack of activity and attraction.

The Fiji Airways allows you to spend several nights in Fiji for.....

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This is an excellent way to help you plan your holiday in Fiji and help you saving precious work. Fiji is a real South Sea paradise, from palm-fringed shores and crystal clear water to grassland and abundant rainforests. Fiji is made up of minute coralline atollas, hilly forested volcanically pristine islets and is famous for its aquatic water and sandy whitemas.

In addition to the experience of Fiji's ideal natural surroundings, it is the warmness and kindness of the Fiji tribe and its unique way of life that make Fiji's visit an unforgettable holiday.

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Get rid of all your troubles in this unique Fiji grown-up fashion retail complex. Stay 7-night with the one who likes to relax on sandy whitewashed shores and watch the view over crystalline pools. Incl. breakfasts every day, a romantical evening meal for two on the shore and a tropic massages.

7 nights in a Beachfront Boer with all meals including! Come and stay a fantastic weekend on an unspoilt Fijii! Now you can hear the sound of the wave that surrounds the banks right behind your Boer and take advantage of free beach volleyball and canoeing.

7-night and 7 experiences in the lap of luxurious! Discover the latest Fiji luxurious hotel with seven overnight stays in the brandnew Six Senses Fiji. There is a lot of intimacy to get away in with spacious privately owned lakeside mansions embedded in lush tropic garden. Indulge in a two person gourmet evening meal and free day activities from surfing lessons to a sandbar lunch or a personal spa screen in the resort's prestigious spa village.

The holiday will make you come back younger, renovated and itchy. Enjoy Fiji's newest luxury resort with this 7-night holiday pack! This 7-night lodging pack with the brand-new Six Senses Fiji is your perfect way to spend your holiday if you consider yourself a person of food or wellbeing.

Featuring extensive privately owned seaside mansions and embedded in lush tropic garden, there is plenty of intimacy for honeymooners. Have a free childmassage and a wonderful evening meal for two. Every weekday will include a free surfing lesson, a sandbar picknick and a personal spa screen in the resort's prestigious spa village.

Cross the South Pacific and discover the Yasawa in Fiji on board this 7-day all-inclusive trip. Take this 7-night parcel to Matangi Island Resort in Fiji. You' ll get 2 free overnight stays, breakfasts every day, lunches and dinners for two people, everyday linen and other facilities.

7-Nights All Myals including 2 free nights! Get to Qamea Spa & Spa in Fiji, a luxurious adult spa set in gorgeous sandy beach, luxuriant rainforest and rugged volcanoes. For those who want to relax in a relaxing, tropic environment, this one weeks meal pack is for you.

The Namale Fiji Resort & Spa is an unique and memorable venue for the most beautiful events of your lifetime, ranging from wedding receptions to honeymoons, jubilees or just a simple romatic excursion. One of Fiji's most prestigious luxurious destinations with this 7-day all-inclusive excursion with luxurious romantical conveniences! The Royal Davui Island Resort provides an incomparable adventure for those on the run looking for the ultimative romanticism on their Fiji flutter.

Some of Fiji's most privately owned mansions, each with its own diving basin, give you enough free space to simply be with your beloved. Featuring all of our lunches, a two person personal pick nick at the resort's Sandkai and a 1-hour couples massages, you'll enjoy a standard of comfort, style and intimacy you won't find anywhere else in the world.

Luxurious holiday with free food, kids club, trips, a free night and more! Soak up Fiji as a whole hostage! Included in this holiday pack are all food and soft drinks, a trip to a Fiji town and a meeting & greet with your boss, a rain forest walk to a secret water fall, a sea biology adventures with a qualified sea breeder, a snorkel trip to a privately owned isle, day to day snorkel trips and the opportunity for your kids to attend a community college and perhaps go home with a Penpal, in additon to their memorable experiences.

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