Fiji Tropical Islands

Tropical Fiji Islands

Now, coming from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Fiji is more or less the other side of the world! If you are getting married in Fiji, a palm-fringed tropical island location with warm, friendly staff provides the perfect setting. Discover Fiji at your own pace with your own piece of paradise. Treat yourself today to a single island stay so that you can relax in a tropical paradise! But most weddings in Malolo are usually held on the beach at sunset and include the true essence of a wedding on a tropical island.

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The Fiji holiday pack takes you to the most remote and untouched islands in the worid and takes you to such luxury boers that you hardly want to come outside to enjoy the views. The gushing waters of the bay between two luxuriant islands rise on a horseshoe-shaped island to welcome you to your own personal sands.

In your split-level bouere, your raised inflinity swimming pools overlooks the most beautiful beaches and the deep sea, extending from the deep sea to the hot sun. Recreational Walk, Fiji holiday packages are adaptable and can be customized to your needs.

Tremendous Treehouses" on The Traveller Channel shows that you will be flying over the international dateline on your way to Fiji. The Fiji tour operator will help you to find the best itineraries. The 50-minute internal journey takes you from Nadi to Savusavu Island. Wherever your hotel welcomes you and takes you to your accomodation.

The unspoilt beach, the clear water, the rainstorms, the balconies and the privacy, you will experience the quintessence of luxurious. Situated on a 52 hectare island with only 7 mansions, set in a huge tropical garden, you will be alone in a dreamlike environment. Discover the vulcanic outcrop and the magnificent falls that make up the island.

Snorkelling in the moonshine, meeting dolphins, Fiji cookery courses and even crayfish are all possible trips that will make this journey an unforgettable experience. In Taveuni two brief internal departures stop off at Nadi. Then you will be taken by ferry and plane to a privately owned island adult health spa.

Her new home is at the top of several listings, among them "1,000 places you can see before you die", "Top Five Most Romantic Resorts in Fiji" and "Best Private Island". Whilst the reed canopy of the cocco and the colourful, surrounded leaves make it look like a large island cottage, the inside offers the ultimate in awe.

Stylish furniture, a hammock on a secluded veranda, a comfortable four-poster king's beds and even a fresh cookie stock every day make you think like an island queen. Canoe, stand on a canoe, or take a Calypso boat into the celestial seas - or just go snorkeling and masking to see the majesty under the glittering sea depth.

The pack starts with a personal picknick in Horseshoe Bay. Here two luxuriant verdant islands extend towards each other, where the waters move as much bluish as the skies towards the sands. Only you two will own this one. End the outing with a moonlit night gala evening in the most beautiful and intimate environment of all.

Complex and luminous reinefs and the wonderful underwater scenery you will see at each of the nearby diving spots are further enhanced by the fact that the hot water does not require unpleasant neoprene suits. Internationally renowned places such as the Great White Wall and the Noel Wall are unbelievably unparalleled environments that are home to some of the most rare and noteworthy types of sea creatures.

From Taveuni, a privat vehicle and boating services will take you on a brief internal journey to Nadi International Airfield. and dived Rainbow Reef. Though the drive from the airfield was on a tough street for about an hours, the location, the people as well as the meals were great!

While the house reef will grow back after Cyclone Winston 2016, the 30-minute cruise to Rainbow Reef was simple and took you to beautiful divesites, some with 100% reef cover. It''drift diving'', so you can see many of the divesites. Favourite was the full time excursion with two open water sessions in the mornings and the break on the beach with a picknick on a lonely island before the midday swim!

You do not always await a not always think you can dip the "White Wall", as it depends on the tide and the lunar cycling. Wanananvu Beach Resort on the Viti Levu island was the second diving spot. It is different in that they are anchored at the reef and the further away places seem to be better, but you can't always get there because of the atmoshere.

Dining, space on the shore and the crowd were great! I think we really enjoy our journey to Fiji. Traveling often and via Australia made the journey simple and pleasant by making the route available. We' re pretty weary from the long journey, so it was very unpleasant. So our journey was meticulously and flawlessly designed.

We had no problems on our journey and everything went smoothly and kept us relaxing the whole holiday. It was Josh who assisted us in putting together a 2nd 5-week journey to Australia and Fiji and our journey was totally on time! It took the hassle out of organizing an overseas holiday and even assisted us with some visas-hiking.

It was a beautiful place, the room was big and well equipped! Snorkelling and boating tours to other islands from the yacht harbour were great!

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