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Iiji travel advice

Take a look at our Fiji itinerary and travel tips for your next Fiji holiday. The official language with Fijian and Hindustani is also widely spoken. See here which vaccinations are required for Fiji and plan your appointment online. While Fiji travel may seem far away, it is the perfect complement to your Australia and New Zealand adventure. Did you book a trip to Fiji?

People' s wellbeing - Fiji travel advice

Consult your doctor at least 4 to 6 days before your journey to determine if you need immunization or other precaution. Read the latest country-specific information and advice from the National Travel Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) on the Travel HealthPro website or from NHS (Scotland) on the fitforravel website.

You can also find useful information and advice on overseas provision of basic and supplementary insurance on the NHS Choices website. Establishments are sufficient for regular primary and secondary medicine, but their reach and accessibility are restricted. Physicians and clinics often require immediate payments in the form of immediate reimbursement for clinical work. If there is a need for help, it is likely that the patient will be evacuated.

Ensure that you have appropriate travel healthcare and sufficient resources to pay for overseas treatments, evacuations and repatriations. The British public healthcare authority has identified Fiji as a potential source of Zika infection. You can find more information and advice on the National Travel Network and Centre website.

Fiji's Ministry of Health has announced an eruption of meningococcus in Fiji. Information and advice on the illness can be found in this fact sheet and on the Fiji National Travel Health Network and Centre website. They should comply with the recommendations of the National Travel Health Network and Centre.

When you need help during your journey, call 911 and ask for an ambulance. If you are transferred to a health care institution for care, please consult your health care provider immediately.

Travel advice: | Fiji Expeditions Resource

You will give important information about your Wallacea mission in Fiji. If you need further help, please call your local Wallacea Operations branch. Arrival at Labasa Airport (LBS) on the Sunday your journey begins. Departure from Labasa Airport (LBS) on Saturday after 1600 hours.

At the end of your trip on Saturday you will be taken from Natewa Bay Marine Research Centre to Labasa Airport for your home game. We will arrange the in-house travel packet as soon as we have the detail of your intern. When you are a foreigner, you can contact our Travel Nation travel agent when booking an excursion, who will be able to offer you discounts on your travel abroad.

In case you would rather be able to make your own flight bookings, please make sure that these flight bookings are included in our travel itinerary. When you are a US college or college graduate, we suggest that you use Study Universe on your flight because it offers a discount to you. While you can also make your flight bookings elsewhere, our relationship means that they usually offer the best value, are acquainted with our tours and offer superior services.

Groups who have opted for a complete travel pack do not have to make reservations for either domestic or foreign travel. The Wallacea operations will get in direct touch with the group manager and offer you a full range of services for your round-trip flight, as well as in-house travel and expeditions. Note that your pass must be valid for at least 6 month at the moment of your stay in Fiji.

If your pass is not valid for at least 6 month, you will be refused access to Fiji. Nationals of most nations receive a Fiji travel permit for up to 4 month.

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