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Fiji Tourism | Professional Conference Organizers Fiji is the perfect location for your next convention, your next convention, your next business gathering or your next business trip - regardless of your group' sizes or budgets. Fiji Tourism is an autonomous, non-profit tourism promotion group. It is our primary goal to make Fiji a sustainable location for business events, conventions, incentives as well as trade shows.

Headquartered in Sydney (representation of NSW, ACT, QLD & WA) and Melbourne (representation of VIC, TAS & SA), our seasoned state managers are at your disposal for a non-binding and non-binding discussion.

Fiji tourism: New Zealand and Australia trade union against Fiji tourism

Trades union organisations in Australia and New Zealand have started a common initiative calling on Fiji tourist visits to promote workers' prerogatives. Destination Fiji's website and online marketing campaigns invite users to submit a message to their local Fiji Secretary of State and Fiji Premier Frank Bainimarama. The president of the Australian Union Council, Ged Kearney, said to Radio Australia's Pacific Beat that they want to make sure that tourism thinks thoroughly about the Fiji policy instead of touring it.

"She said, "This is not a ploy to ask anyone to keep away from Fiji. "When you go to Fiji or consider Fiji as a vacation spot, you just don't think it's just tropic heaven as it's portrayed." Since the 2006 Fiji takeover, the website of the Fiji government says that since the 2006 takeover, many of Fijii' s employees earn less than three US dollar an hours and those who speak out against the government are exposed to threat and harassment.

It says it realizes that the struggle can have an influence on employees in the community tourism sector, but this could provide an "activist base" to exert further pressures on the state.

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