Fiji Resorts 5 Star

5 Stars Fiji Resorts

On TripAdvisor you will find 40352 travel reports, snapshots and the best exclusive resorts in Fiji. Fiji Resort is a 160 hectare sanctuary on Vanua Levu Island, perfect for your next luxury getaway, adventure, honeymoon, romantic outings or family travel. Beetles, mosquitos and reptiles in 5-star resorts - Fiji Forum

When I pay 5-star cash, I want 5-star handling and I can' t be part of it. The fiancée is terrified of beetles. So if any of you have been to these resorts, can you let me know if you found any Bugs? The resorts got great feedback, but not much talk about bug.

In Fiji there are no queues. When staying in a 5-star hotel, you should not get a spider or toddlers. Mosquitos are everywhere, but most upscale resorts are spraying the vegetation and almost all resorts have mosquito nets on the windows, so unless you are leaving doors open, you should be sure.

I' m sure you can get a can of bug bomb if you wish. They could be all over Fiji, so I'd take some repellent with me just in case. They should not have trouble with snake spin the worse would be the beautiful little geckoes that are so adorable all over Fiji, but they adhere mostly to rooftops and high ceilings they are inoffensive.

Hello Oozdogg, I can consult on Likuliku --- they have spraying and repellent in the rooms and all window are shielded. Bug etc. are really not an area to worry about. As an answer to Hooked on Fiji - there are queues in Fiji - I've seen them - but you can practically assure that they won't be in 5-star resorts!

Next weekend my family and I are going to Fiji and we will read through the responses to your questions and I was woken up by the Mozart problemat. In Fiji, queues are very, very seldom, thanks to the mongooses that were imported for handling queues in the sticksfields. Since they were so effective, the mongooses (geese) now have to have chops, etc. too.

In Fiji, there are only few country queues in the great outdoors. I have been living in Fiji for over 20 years and have never seen a savage beast. Only those I have seen are in the shelters. Windows keep almost all insects and mosquitos out of the room, but make sure you use insect repellents when you leave the room (especially at night).

Lizard/Gecko can sometimes make it into space, but with a good touch..... they devour beetles. At any time you can ask the members of the resorts personnel to delete them. When you are sheltered from the ocean breezes, you will have more beetles, but as I said, most places are spraying for them. Fiji is a relatively impoverished islander.

What is acceptable/unacceptable for the West is not translated so well in Fiji. It is a fact that a bug or a gecko is a real thing, and if it is a break in a deals, it may be best to look more closely at home.

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