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Private Resorts Fiji

But that was also the case in the other all-inclusive resorts where I stayed in Fiji. Entrance to the private Club InterContinental Lounge. The Raiwasa Private Resort | The Tourism Fiji website Not only is Raiwasa one of the most luxury resorts in Fiji, it is also one of the most private and private waterways in the whole state. It lies high above the South Pacific, with a fantastic 180 degree panoramic views of the Somosomo Straight and encircled by a luxuriant rain forest and rollingpalms.

It is only the star's brilliant light at dusk that compensates for the sunset. Raiwasa Villa is located on three hectares of property and provides the private sphere and the simple luxuries of a world-class recreation. Trilateral inflinity swimming pools are perfectly located to offer breathtaking sea vistas.

There is a row of easy walks down to the private sandy beaches or simply through the collections of rarer palms, bananas, papaya, pineapples, oranges and lemons. There are two exquisite air-conditioned suite rooms linked by a main lounge and dining area that maximises breathtaking sea and backyard vistas.

There are large double wing French windows opening onto the surrounding decks and offering a wonderful sea front views. There is a wonderful panorama over the gardens. Picture yourself enjoying the crisp and clear views of the starry sky and the calming sounds of the sea in the back.

Free of charge are kayak, snorkelling, paddling, cycling, cookery classes, private Lovo nights in the mansion, peeling coconuts and handicrafts. Dive, Ride, Bouma Falls, Lavena Coastal Hike, Des Voeux Summit, Birding, Surf, Snorkel at the Tropical and Waitaibu Sea Parks, Coast Watersports, Isle Hiking, Vidawa Hiking, Half Days Islanetour, Blowhole.

The Raiwasa Private Resort is an excellent place for honeymoon, overburdened leaders, baby boom, and recently pensioned homes with kids who want to reunite, marriages, luxury-divers.

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