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Four-night stay in Fiji....where?

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Four-night stay in Fiji....where? Every possible help guessed in helping us determine where to stay! With our 5 year old my man and I have 4 overnight stays next April in Fiji, but where is it best to stay? We' re on a modest price, looking for a place on the shore, good snorkelling, and would like to see some sights, we don't want to stay the 4 day on the shore, but at least 1-2 day in a new place.

Not too far from the Aiport, because we don't want to travel too much......thank you! Four-night stay in Fiji....where? They can stay at a sanctuary in Denarau like the Hilton or Sofitel etc, but it is an artificial islet from a chestnut mire and the waters are cloudy etc, so you have to go away from it to do any of the snorkeling actions that you may want to do.

like the First Landing Resort at Vuda Point between Nadi and Lautoka. It' s 3 stars and the shore (it's ok at high tide), but it's a good starting point to do some things on the continent. It is Navini, it is located directly in front of the capital and has to be reserved via its website.

If you take a look at the prizes, you may get a little scare, but keep in mind that they are in Fiji dollars, so you should turn them into euros and you will be agreeably amazed. You' ll get a free early bird tour that can include a day out to Honeymoon Island and the riff or a day out to Monuriki, where Tom Hanks shot Castaway, or you could go on a village and school outing.

Four-night stay in Fiji....where? Four-night stay in Fiji....where? The Castaway is a nice place, but it is a little more pricey, but it is also quoted in Fiji dollars. I' ve just guessed Malolo Island Resort and for you I have Castaway, which we have already talked about, Sheraton Tokoriki and Musket Cove.

Four-night stay in Fiji....where?

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