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Fiji Coconut Cruiser - Fiji Islands Packet The food is in all the packages of coconuts: The price of the food is in $FJD and is payable directly to the resort at check-in for all two packages of coconuts, including Beachcomber Island Resort $99, Barefoot Kuata Resort $105, Barefoot Manta Resort $210, Botaira Beach Resort $230, Mantaray Island Resort $198, Oarsman's Bay Lodge $192, Blue Lagoon Beach Resort $238. You have two ways to buy a parcel. Select either the "standard package" which covers lodging on the islands, catering, where indicated, and the transfer of ships on the isle. Or, select the'Full Monty' pack, which is all included, plus great activity such as snorkeling, yachting, canoeing..

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The FullMony is only available with 1 and 2 different types of coconuts. IMPORTANT: The islands are small and private, so the capacities are restricted. That means that in some cases we may need to change the order of your accommodation (so that you will be staying in the same but in a different order from the one you have chosen), or in even less frequent cases we may agree an alternate location with you, which we will notify you within 48 hrs of your reservation.

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Contingency fee only for articles that have been purchased. $9.99 - $99.99 until sale. 359 - $599 until the sale. Latest subscriptions directories: Entries this month: Pre-paid offers remain valid: Pre-paid brand-ing is retained: Pre-paid functions are retained: Test My Products, a free Trade Me utility that will help you administer your offers. X-Mas holidays - 3 days (full board) hiking adventure for 2 persons!


The Mana Island Resort is set in breathtaking golden sand and crystalline waters, perfect for snorkeling and swim. On an area of over 300 hectares you will be immersed in luxuriant tropic garden and mountain slopes with a footpath to the viewpoint for the BlueSky Kava night lymphs. Or, organize your own flight by subtracting $600pp from your parcel so you can remain in Fiji as long as you want!

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