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Iiji Pacific

As the elixir of life in the Pacific, the ocean keeps the oceanic waters of Fiji untouched, which is the goal of the Pacific Ocean Culture as a lasting heritage. A coral reef off Fiji Islands in the Pacific - Coral reef off Fiji Islands in the Pacific - Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Snorkeling and exploring under and over blue waters in Fiji. Snorkeling and exploring under and over blue waters in Fiji.

Wadigi Island - Fiji - for hire

Wadigi Iceland offers memorable vistas of the beautiful Mamanuca Islands and is the ultimative temptation and solitude - a privat isle in the true meaning of the word. Wadigi is as much loved by the Wadigi as it is by the heavy-weight businessmen, an insular getaway that specialises in confidentiality, the ideal recipe for a first-class Castaway return.

Located in the middle of the Mamanuca Islands, Wadigi is a pretty piece of vulcanic stone in the western part of the island of Nadi. Accommodation The Wadigi Shore is filled with three large and elegantly furnished suite - the Honeymoon Suite, the Sunrise Suite and the Sunset Suite. Beautifully decorated, these large lounge suite with stunning sea view promises a love of detail like no other.

Honeymoon Suite for an energizing outside showers for your event or just for the final treat. Dining Wadigi Iceland is home to two gifted cooks who are committed to developing tempting dishes that you won't let go of. Featuring your own skipper, who will show you the best of the area, the hostel is perfect for snorkelling, islet diving, village trips, angling, water ski and much more.

Whitewashed sandy beach, clear sky and luxuriant verdant scenery round off the image and fill every moment of your holiday on the islands with wonder and serenity. May to October is a very favourite holiday season in this paradise of islands, with less rainfall and less moisture than the Fiji South.

The temperature moves in the lat 20s and early 30s through both "seasons" and offers the visitors of the north and south hemispheres an urgently needed year-round migration from the isles. Like To Get OnceAccessible from all over the world, most large carriers provide Fiji services, with the bulk in Nadi International Airport.

Getting to Wadigi from Nadi could not be easier - either let your pulse beat faster during a ten minutes dramatically long flight by plane or take a stylish two-hour cruise on the Tiger IV. Yes, I would like to subscribe to the newsletters with information about the worlds of privately owned islets.

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