Fiji Main Island

Main Fiji Island

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Is Fiji - main island, island jumping or both?

Hey, I was in Fiji for 6 nights and then stayed for 2 month! It is an absolute wonderful place with an astonishing cultural heritage. Travelled around the main island, on the Hula Loop Passport, although it was a good smile, I would not suggest it, as the coastline of corals does not have many lovely sandy spots, and you will find more to do further out from the main island.

The Yasawas are good for celebrating, drinking and sun bathing from what I have been hearing from the inn. Manuca Isles (bounty island etc.) are nearest to west to levu, again good for getting hammered and most cheap to remain (about FJD$50 per nutritious meal included), but I did hear much of the horror tales about bedbugs and struggling over small dishes of nourishment.

I' ve learned so much while snorkeling wonderfully on this totally wonderful and astonishing island, right on the third biggest island in the whole wide open space, relax in the hammock, take a showers with the waterfalls directly on the shore, drink kava in the evening, sing and share a lot of Talinoa (stories) - this is the best place of my whole worldtrip.

That'?s the original Fiji. If you feel like flying for 1/2 hours or if you are adventuresome, a coach and skipper will take you from Nadi to Vanua Levu, Fiji's second biggest island, from where the tribesmen will meet you and take you by skipper to the island ofvoro.

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