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Are you planning to visit Fiji for the first time? here is a list of things you can do during your visit to the Fiji Islands to make your visit even more interesting. You will be surprised by the choice of activities and activities on Fiji during your stay at our resort! There is something for everyone in such a selection. The Fiji website has some great information about the many activities offered in Fiji.

We have a lot to spoil for those who are sporty and looking for loneliness.

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Fiji Islands Activities

The 300 islands of Fiji are a haven for travellers and holidaymakers equally. Fiji's ancient cultures and traditions offer many things to do and many places to discover. However, in case this is your first trip there, here is a checklist of things you can do during your stay in Fiji to make your first trip even more interesting.

The Nadi Municipal Market: Alighting at Nadi Int'l Airporte internationale, you will head to the thrilling fair, where you will see an abundance of fruit dishes and cuisines. There are also stands selling seafood and vegetable, provided you want to try your hands at cookery during your holidays.

Explore Pacific Harbour Beach: Leave the Aiport and head to this astonishing little congested sandy area. The Suva Waterfront: Viti Levu Sunset: home to the country's capitol, botanic garden, Sabeto Range and large lilies lakes, Viti Levu is an astonishing little town that has much more to boast than you can do on holiday.

Stay a while in Fiji's Bure Islands, which will give you an idea of the local history and traditions. Experience the Nadi culture: It is full of astonishing people. Most of the Indians' offspring who worked for the Brits in the sugar cane estates on the islands have their origins in India.

During your stay here, try the astonishing seafood crème of indigenous cooks who have been perfecting the skill of cookery over the years. For a different Fiji Island experience, take a scenic chopper ride and take a bird's earshot. Beverage cava on Vanu Levu: Many stands in Fiji are selling cava, a herb of the Pacific peppers group.

It' used to make an exhilarating drink that is consumed at rituals all over the isle. You can find many stands that also offer these bricks, but you can try to find them yourself if you want. Walk to the waterfalls of Taveuni: This is an islet near Vanua Levu.

That is just ten of the innumerable things you can do in Fiji when you go on holiday there. We would be delighted to hearing from you if you think we might have slipped by something you could do, a place you could go or a mystery you can tell us.

Well, if you are inspiration for a trip to these islands, you have at least your Fiji holidays plan.

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