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Fiji-islands nightlife

Its main clubs are located on the largest island, Viti Levu, in the main areas of Nadi and Suva. In the smaller islands you will find most of the nightlife within the walls of the local resorts. Somebody give me some advice on what nightlife is like. Fiji's nightlife casinos, bars, pubs, although Fiji is most associated with quiet resorts, sparkling blue water and colorful fishing, there is another side. Mamanuca Islands is home to the liveliest backpacker beach resorts.

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Wasrwick, Mango Bay is not too far from the Warwick Hotel, about another hours or less ride, I think. Or, you could come out of the continent and go to the Octopus Resort, the nightlife is not all that is hype, but great beverages and nice treat! Of course it's nice, but if you've gone out of the States or your own land to see the true Fijis and see why you should come and remain in Denerau even more so, DONT!

Hmmm.........ok other places with nightlife, try Tsulu apts in Pacific Harbour, a really vibrant area with great amenities and stores etc. and well I don't know much about the place, but it's good to look into it anyway. However, just have a good time and make the most of what Fiji has to show you.

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Do you have nightlife in Fiji? Two singles girls going to Fiji in the eye.....want some sundown. What part has a nightlife....clubs in Fiji? When you are looking for nightclubs in Island Estates - don't bother.

There are nightclubs on the continent - mainly in Nadi (several) Pacific Harbour Area (1-2) and Suva (many). The nightclubs (Nadi & Suva) are open until the early wee- mornings and are usually overcrowded. Each of the venues have "some" type of nightlife - i.e. resident groups, serenades, guests' activity and all of them have one or more pubs, according to the location's dimensions - everything usually shuts down at 22:00 to 23:00 (except Christmas/New Year).

In Fiji there is a nightlife for the best beach and the best in the islands (Mamanuca and Yasawa groups). Please be advised that it is advisable to take a cab from your Fiji lodging at the time. Don't walk the streets alone after nightfall.

Stick to well-lit areas especially in Suva. is there a nightlife in Fiji? When in the Suva areas, definitely do not dare, alone after nightfall around the nightclub. All of the clubs are really in the Martintar area, well illuminated and relatively secure in groups. There are many cabs in Martintar.

There' s Jetpoint Nachtclub, next to Whitehouse, near Icehouse and further along the street (direction Aiport, but still in Martintar is Ed's Bar (more or less opposite Bounty)). Fiji is almost black by 7 p.m. Is there nightlife in Fiji?

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