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Hotels and Resorts in Fiji

Explore our curated list of hotels in Fiji to find your perfect holiday destination, be it a mainland resort or a boutique hotel on an island off the coast. Denarau Island Radisson Blu Resort A destination not to be missed. Discover the islands, experience cultural shows and island nights. Travelers from budget to honeymoon, all kinds of travellers visit Fiji. Find out why hotels in Fiji.

Holidays, Honeymoons & Vacations on Fiji Island

It' objectionable to use short clothes outside the resorts. It' s also common to take off the hat before you visit a town in order to prevent insults. Fiji's national identification number is 679. There are certain regulations of the label to follow when you visit a town. Hat should not be used in a town, as this is an offence to the chieftain and it is also offending to touching someone's skull.

Fiji's electric money is 240 Volt, AC at 50 Hz. It has 3-pin sockets like New Zealand and Australia. Major hotels and resorts provide sockets for 240V or 110V razors, hairdriers, etc. Fiji, India, Chinese as well as Fiji cooking is part of Fiji cooking and reflects the many different ethnical groups present in Fiji.

Shellfish are a major ingredient of the Fiji cuisine, often boiled in lilo (coconut milk). Islands in many hotels and resorts are boiled and buffets are provided, along with tradition. Islands evenings also includes a cava drink ceremonies and a meal (singing and dancing).

It is free of most of the disease and mosquitoes. People are welcome to Fiji for Sunday services. Most hotels, resorts, stores and rent avehicles accept the most important types of payment card. Tickets are American Express, Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard and JCB International and are generally open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm and Friday through 6pm.

For all Fiji shopping, 12.5% tax is charged. Drinking in towns, health resorts and municipal areas is safer. Citizens of 108 states do not need a visitor's permit to travel to Fiji, but your residency must be 3 month longer than your planned Fijiation. Citizens of other nations need a pre-arranged type of visum, which can be obtained from the closest Fiji High Commission.

Visit nz, fj, or for a complete list of exemptions and applications for visas. Visas for four and a half years are for vacation purposes only. The passport must be issued at least three additional-monthly. In Fiji, too, English, Fijian and Hindustani are widely spoken.

The Fijian people know Fijian among themselves, but they all know English and always talk English to the people.

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