Fiji Island Trip

Fiji-island trip

Inexpensive Island Trip Beachcomber Island Excursion Arrived in Beachcomber, look at the sea, can't wait to step in! We' ve reserved this excursion with Beachcomber Islands own boats, it's the best value for money excursion to Beachcomber Island. The Beachcomber Island Resort has its own 7 mt aluminium yacht with two 220 hp high-performance outboards to get you there in 30 mins.

It was sunny outside and the very slight west breeze made the 30-minute drive very pleasant. Leaving the ship to the bank was very simple, the ship drove back to the sea and we just got into the sandy, no damp toes. In order to make a reservation for this trip, please click on the scrolling button at the bottom of this page.

We were pampered with warm pans and crispy cupcakes and had to go around this island paradise with a 660 metric ton long sneak. For the next half hours we watched nine jets of skis fly over the cap and crash back into the waters where they are going in this harsh lake, it was here.

Not very lucky tourist, two of them had been tossed off their jet skis and dropped their costly sun glasses, all were extremly cool in just plain woollen T-shirts, one woman refused to return home for the bones retardation. Thought it would be a good time to take a little promenade around the island, through and across the island, this giant walking tour would fill up in thirty min.

At noon there is no way to say that there was not enough to feed on Beachcomber Island, there was plenty of paddy, two different curry, hot dogs, drumsticks, manioc crisps, spinaceous, stir-fried vege, hot buns and a good assorted vegetable soup in the backyard. The breeze had eased a bit after midday, so the snorkeling trip was due for the whole afternoon, but be careful, you could be caught by a shaft and thrown on the cucumber. It took a long while for the corals to be healed.

Not everything was gone, on our five minutes long cruise to the shore I saw a tortoise that came to the water just a few meters away from the gun. There was a run on the camera, then a paddle to the portside of the vessel, but everything was in a shovel, the tortoise vanished under the water in a second.

We' ve been in Fiji for ten month and go snorkeling as often as possible. From December to February the waters are very hot and very pleasant. Snorkeling was possible all the time, but not on that particular night, an hours too long for us, even our Fiji leader said that the waters were freezing today.

Not the kiwi's, they said the hot tub was hot and they wanted to spend a little longer. It could be the second best island we've snorkelled on so far. From the front of the conference centre, you can go snorkeling counter-clockwise to the deep waters or just remain in the depths you are satisfied with.

Reserve your inexpensive excursion to Beachcomber Island here..... We do not charge any payment cards or reservation charges. We have a safekeeping of your cardholder in our reservation system and will delete it 30 working nights after your trip. There is no way we can get your number.

For last minutes please call us. Rates are inclusive of 25% Fijian Government tax (9% value added tax + 10% value added tax + 6% environmental tax). Cancellations made within 48 hrs prior to flight departures or non-appearances will not be refunded and the remainder will be debited from your debit cardholder account electronically.

In case your trip has been canceled due to poor meteorological conditions, it will be postponed until the next working days. If you do not make it on this date, we will reimburse you 100%. See more activities in Fiji.....

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