Fiji Island Names

Names of Fiji Islands

Fiji today has one of the most developed economies of the Pacific Islands. related countries: The latest aircraft is called Island of Vatulele by Fiji Airways. Types of coral reefs to inform the design of marine reserves in Fiji. Lost Treasure of Fiji Poster. Finally, the islands became known to Europeans as Fiji.

All Fiji Province, District and Village lists

We have compiled a complete listing of all Fiji counties, regions and towns with the help of our people. This is a remarkable number, as you can imagine: 15 counties, 195 counties and 1,193 towns. Every provincial is subdivided into 4 and 22 district.

The number of villages varies between 19 and 146. There is a warm or cool sea environment on the island. It covers a surface area of only 18,333 sq km, with the two large island areas - Viti Levu and Vanua Levu - representing 87% of the area.

Further major isles include Taveuni, Kadavu, Rabi, Vatulele, Beqa and Qamea. There are also several important archipelagos - Rotuma (8 islands), Lau (57), Moala part of the Lau group (3), Lomaiviti (12), Mamanuca (10) and the Yasawa group (20). We' re all Melanese-style, and the audacity of the early sailors led to a mix of races and civilizations, Melanese- and Polynesian, even on the major isles.

Suva, the capitol, is one of the two towns on the principal island Viti Levu, which lies at the south-east end, while Lautoka lies to the east and the other to the east. Whilst this page is about Fijians and Rotumans, it should be noted that the Rotuma Isles - about 600 km to our northerly distance - were never captured, but were handed over to the British by their chieftains in the hopes of suppressing the domestic faction struggles of their people in the 1880s, as external factors came to play.

The Ba region covers the north-western part of the major island'Viti Levu' and, at over 2,630 km2, is the Fiji Group's biggest provinces - more than three times the area of Kiribati. Yasawa is an island located just off the coast of Ba on Viti Levu.

This is a list of the 21 Distrikte in the Ba district, with information about the towns and their "ai cavuti" or tracks. The Ba provinces have 21 counties and 107 villages: The district of Noilaga has 6 villages: Nawaivituri na Marama na Tui Ba" Bulu district has 6 villages: sorokoba - titled "Koronubu na Momo na Tui Ba" Magodro district has 6 villages:

Buchuya - Titles "Naroyasi na Momo na Tui Magodro" (Naroyasi na Momo na Tui Magodro) The district of Naloto has 3 villages: Toge - titled "Tabuatolu na Momo na Tui Naloto" Nalotawa district has 5 villages: Nalotawa - titled "Namaravulevu na Momo na Tui Yakete" Nadi District has 6 villages: Narewa - titled "Navatulevu na Momo na Tui Nadi" Dratabu - titled "Taukei Navo" Sikituru district has 4 villages:

The Tavua district has 5 villages: Savatu Tavualevu - Title "Bila na Momo na Tui Tavua" Savatu district has 6 villages: Tilivalevu na Momo na iTaukei Nubu" Nagatagata - Qaliyalatini District has 2 villages: ªNavala - Title "Na Momo na Tui Yalatini" Vuda district has 5 villages: Veviseisei - Title "Vunisei na Momo na Tui Vuda" Sabeto district has 5 villages:

Qoroyaca - Titles "Erenavula na Momo na Tui Sabeto" Vitogo District has 5 villages: Namoli - Titles "Momo na iTaukei Vidilo" Vakabuli - Titles "Momo na iTaukei Saqele" Nacula district has 8 villages: Nacula - Titles "Nacula na Momo na Tui Drola" Yaqeta - Titles "Momo na Ratu" Yasawa district has 5 villages:

Ýasawa Iranara - titled "Vatanitawake na Momo na Tui Yasawa" Naviti District has 6 villages: So - Titles "Neilesu na Momo na Tui Naviti" Marou - Titles "Nadikilagi na Marama na Tui Marou" Waya District has 4 villages: Nalobi - Nalotu na Momo na Tui Waya" Viwa District has 3 villages:

Nawaka - Title "Na Gaunavou na Momo na Tui Waya" Nawaka district has 5 villages: Vaturu District Nawaka - Title "Nalagi na Momo na Tui Nawaka" has 2 villages: Rukuruku Nagado - Title "Momo na Tui Yalatini" Rukuruku District has 5 villages: Rarararua - Title "Na Kai ni Yasawa" Ba provincial is indeed a power plant in the Fijian economy, and along with its investment and lease income is enjoying a relatively safe life.

This is a list of the 9 quarters with their "ai cavuti" or title. The province of Bua has 9 counties and 50 villages: The Bua district has 7 villages: Boa - Title "Cakaunitabua na Turaga na Tui Bua" Navakasiga district has 3 villages: The Naviqiri - Title "Turaga na Buli Navakasiga" Lekutu district has 8 villages:

Lekutu Buli Lekutu" Wainunu district has 7 villages: Solevu Daria - titled "Turaga na Tui Wainunu" Solevu district has 3 villages: National Park - Turaga na Tui Sualevu Nadi District has 4 villages: Nazavu - titled "Turaga na Buli Navere" Vuya district has 5 villages: Nabouwalu - Titles "Turaga na Buli Raviravi" Dama District has 7 villages:

The Dama - titled "Dama na Buli Dama" Kubulau district has 10 villages: Kuoobo - Titled "Kubulau na Tui Kubulau" Cakaudrove provinces occupy the south-eastern part of Vanua Levu and also encompasses the Taveuni, Rabi, Kioa and Qamea Isles and several others. Savusavu, which is also a harbour for the Fiji group, is its most important city.

It is part of the Confederation of Cakaudrove, one of the three main Fijian traditions. This is a list of the 16 counties in the Cacaude River district, with information about the towns and their'ai cavuti' or tracks. There are 16 counties and 132 towns in the Cakaudrove region: The district of Cakaudrove has 11 villages:

Sommosomo - Titles "Lalagavesi na Turaga na Tui Cakau na i Sokula" Welagi - Titles "Navunisa na Tui Taveuni" Vuna District has 3 villages: Canacea - Titles "Na Turaga na Sau na Vuna kei" Laucala district has 5 villages: Dreketi-Turaga na Tui Laucala" Wainikeli district has 9 villages:

Nazelesele - Titled "Turaga na Tuwei" Tunuloa district has 9 villages: Canakana - Titled "Turaga na Tuwei" Natewa District has 7 villages: Nateva - Titled "Sovatabua na Turaga na Vunivalu" Savusavu district has 9 villages: Nagigi - Turaga na Tunisa" Naweni District has 3 villages:

Taicilevu - Title "Turaga na Tui Naweni" Navatu district has 9 villages: Drekeniwai-Kreation " Ratu i Navatu " Vaturova district has 13 villages: Qurotasere - Title "Turaga na Tui Vaturova" Koroalau district has 6 villages: The Vuinadi - Title "Turaga na Tui Koroalau" Wairiki district has 4 villages: Saqani district has 17 villages:

Sakhani - Titles "Turaga na Buli Saqani" Taiwake District has 6 villages: Taiwake - Titled "Turaga na Vunivalu" Wailevu West District has 9 villages: Wailevu East District has 12 villages: Kadavu includes the Kadavu Island - about 420 sq km - Ono, Galoa, Dravuni, Buliya and some smaller isles.

This is a list of the 9 quarters with information about the towns and their "ai cavuti" or tracks. The province of Kadavu has 9 counties and 75 villages: The Tavuki district has 11 villages: Nacolase; na Tui Tavuki" Baidamudamu - "Viniuniu; na Turaga na Takala" Solodamu - "Bure Gadro; na Turaga na Tui Solo" Natumua - "Vunitavola;

Namalata - Titles "Bautalevu; na Turaga na Takalai Masa" Galoa1 - Titles "Natuvuloka na Turaga na Tui Galoa" Ravitaki District has 7 villages: Vailevu - Titles "Namanusa na Tui Ravitaki" Nasegai - Titles "Nalovani na Roko Tui Drawe" Drue - Titles "Nawaimalua na Turaga na Tui Drue" Nabukelevu district has 11 villages:

Daviqele-Deviqele - Titles "Valesasa na Tui Nabukelevu " Lomati - Titles "Namara-icake voua na Tui Lomati" Yawe District has 6 villages: Nalotu - Titles "Valedeideiga na Turaga na Tui Yawe" Naceva district now has 12 towns with the return of Naivakarauniniu: Vukavu - "Naisogoceva na Muraga na Takala iNaceva" Kadavu - "Vadraivakaruru na Muraga na Tui Kadavu" Jioma - "Koroijioma na Muraga na Tui Jioma" Nacomoto - "Koronitabua na Muraga na Tui Kadavu" Dravuwalu - "Koronitabua na Tui Kadavu" Titles

Natawalevu na Turaga na Tui Dravuwalu" Muanisolo - Nauauaua na Turaga na Rouko Tui Kama" Vunisei - Namulomulo na Turaga na Tui Namuana" Vunisei - Namulomulo na Turaga na Tui Namuana" Yaku3 - Na Turaga na Takalai Gasele" Yale District has 5 villages: Rakiraki - Naivibati na Turaga na Tui Yale" Nakasaleka District has 11 villages:

Jirisamuta na Turaga na Tui Lawaki" Ono District has 7 villages: Nabouwalu - Titel "Naturu na Turaga na Roko Vaka" 1Galoa on the southern side of the island has long sandy areas, perfect for a diving holiday.

2 Sanima had 6 towns until the municipality of Naivakarauniniu in 2010 resolved to reorient itself with its former Naceva area. Discussions and agreements were reached at the local, regional and county-level. 3aku town on the north side of the island has another lovely section of beaches, which is also perfect for resort.

The Lau region consists of about fifty-seven islets, one third of which is populated, and takes up the oceans eastward of Lake Coro. There are huge taros, kavas, pine forests and protected areas on the island. It is part of the Confederation of Lau, one of the three main Fijian traditions.

This is a list of the 13 district in the Lau region, with information about the towns and their "ai cavuti" or title. The Lau region has 13 counties and 72 villages: The Lakeba District has 8 villages: TUBUOU - Title "Vuanirewa na Turaga na Tui Nayau na Sau koei Lau" Oneata District has 2 villages:

Bukatatanoa na Tui Oneata" Moce District has 2 villages: Nazau - called " Delaimakotu na Turaga na Ramasi" Vulaga district has 4 villages: The Muanaira - titled "Vanuaseu na Turaga na Tui Vulaga" Ono district has 5 villages: Naduruvesi na Tui Ono" Kabara district has 6 villages:

Naikeleyagaaga - entitled "Turaga na Tui Kabara" Totoya district has 5 villages: Lomanikoro na Lomanikoro na Turaga na Roko Sau" Tovu - Moala district has 8 villages: Titles "Turaga na Tui Moala" Maloku - Titles "Nariri na Turaga na Tui Maloku" Matuku District has 7 villages: Burotukula na Tui Matuku" Nayau District has 3 villages:

Lomaloma Salia - Title "Na Vaka i Tuinayau" Lomaloma district has 9 villages: The Lomaloma - Title "Yavusa Tuca na Ravunisa na Turaga" Mualevu district has 8 villages: The Mualevu - Title "Sau koei Mualevu na Tui Mavana" Cicia district has 5 villages: Mabula3 - Title "Navuwai Vivua na Tui Mabula" 1Yandrana has a value of ground coir that supplements the abundance of walnuts and supplies the island's island farming with edible oils, soap, diesel substitutes and feeding.

3I would like to thank Waisea Bolatolu for the update of the Tui Mabula game. Lomaiviti in Fiji consists of seven major archipelagos - and five smaller ones, stretching over 411 sqkm. It is part of the Eastern Division federal administrative system and belongs to Kubuna Confederacy, one of Fiji's three traditionally strong hierarchical structures.

This is a list of the major isles and their constituencies. Lomaiviti province has 12 counties and 74 villages: The Levuka district has 10 villages: Nabukebuke na Nabukebuke na Turaga na Tui Levuka" Levuka District has 5 villages: Rokotuibau na Rokotakala" Tokou - "Rokotuitokou na Vunivalu na Tui Kaba" Lovoni District has 5 villages:

Bureta Lovoni - titled "Wailevu na Turaga na Tui Wailevu" Bureta district has 3 villages: Naiivety - entitled "Turaga na Vunivalu" Motoriki District has 11 villages: Riubasaga - Titles "Turaga na Ratu" Uluibau - Titles "Turaga na Tora" Batiki District has 4 villages: Mudu Mua - titled "Turaga na Tora ni Bau" Mudu district has 8 villages:

Mhudu - titled "Gone Turaga na Mata ni Mudu" Cawa district has 6 villages: Gone Nairai Nabasovi - titled "Gone Toraga na Tui Naigani" Nairai district has 5 villages: Sawaieke Natauloa - titled "Kubuna i Vai na Tui Nairai na Turaga" Sawaieke district has 8 villages: Savawaieke - Nadawa na Takalai-Gau" Navukailagi District has 4 villages:

Savukailagi - Title "Naiviqeleqeleqeleqele na Turaga na Ratu" Vanuaso district has 5 villages: The Vanuaso - Title "Turaga na Tui Vanuaso" Macuata has about 18,110 hosts. It is situated in the northeastern part of Vanua Levu. The Macuata is part of the Confederation of Macuata, one of the three main Fijian tradition.

This is a list of the 12 counties of Macuata County. Macuata's 12 counties and 112 villages: The Macuata district has 16 villages: Caumatalevu na Turaga na Tui Macuata" Mali District has 4 villages: Turaga na Tui Mali": Nabavatu - Uluitaga na Turaga na Tui Dreketi" Cikobia District has 4 villages:

The Vatulele - titled "Turaga na Tui Cikobia" Namuka district has 13 villages: Muqoqo - Titled "Na Qaqa na Tui Namuka" Dogotuki District has 10 villages: The Rauriko - titled "Marama na Tui Vuna" Udu District has 5 villages: The Vunikodi - titled "Vua na Sauvou" Sasa district has 8 villages: Saasa - titled "Turaga na Taukei Sasa" Seaqaqa district has 10 villages:

Gnaravuka - titled "Turaga na Masi e Seaqaqaqaqa" Labasa District has 16 villages: Nazekula - titled "Wasavulu na Turaga na Tui Labasa" Nadogo district has 10 villages: To Vunivutu - Titles "Turaga na Tui Nadogo" Nubu - Titles "Turaga na Tui Nubu" Wailevu district has 9 villages: Vailevu - Titled "Turaga na Tui Wailevu" Nadroga-Navosa provincial has about 14,600 homes.

Mamanuca is a part of the provinces. Nadroga Navosa is part of the Burebasaga Confederation, one of the three main Fijian nationalities. This is a list of the 22 Rotary Peace Fellowships Rotary Foundation District. Nadroga Navosa has 22 Distrikte and 121 villages: The district of Cuvu has 7 villages: The Cuvu - Title "Nakuruvakarua i Louvatu na Ka Levu" Tuva District has 8 villages:

Lasigatoka Vouwa - titled "Leweniyarayara na Taukei Vunawi" Nasigatoka district has 7 villages: Nazigatoka - entitled "Louvatu na Tui Nadroga" Nokonoko District has 7 villages: The Naduri - titled "Turaga na Tui Tabanivonoicake" Waicoba district has 3 villages: Nareva - titled "Turaga na Tui Nasesevia" Malomalo district has 8 villages: Málamalo - Titles "Turaga na Tui Nasosovaqa" Naidivi - Titles "Taukei Nasoqo" Nalele - Titles "Tui Nasoni" Raviravi District has 3 villages:

Mumi - Title "Turaga na Tui Tabanivonoiwai" Wai District has 6 villages: Nalolo na Tui Nalolo" Lomawai - title Conua district has 7 villages: To Vatukarasa - Title "Nabili Turaga na Tui Conua" Komave district has 4 villages: Comave - title "Vusu na Tui Vusu na Tui Vusu" Navola - title "Nasikawa na Tui Nasikawa na Turaga" Korolevuiwai district has 4 villages:

To Votua - Title "Na via Gwies na Jui Davutukia" Koroinasau district has 4 villages: Turaga na Tui Davutukia i Vanua" Balenabelo - Mavua district has 3 villages: Rigawaqa - Title "Turaga na Qali Mavua" Naqalimare district has 8 villages: Quroisagana - Title "Turaga na Tui Nabuavaju" Bemana district has 4 villages:

Raralevu na Tui Davutukia" Nasikawa district has 5 villages: Namataku District Nawairabe - Titled "Nasikawa na Tui Nasikawa" Namataku has 8 villages: The Keiyasi - Turaga na Tui Nasaunivalu" Sowene - Turaga na Tui Namataku" Noikoro district has 10 villages: Korolevu-Nadrau district has 4 villages:

Nadrava - Titles "Turaga na Tui Nadrava" Navatusila district has 4 villages: Gnabutautau - entitled "Turaga na Tui Navatusila" Vatulele district has 4 villages: Vunisalevu na Tui Ekubu" Malolo district has 4 villages: Nadroga-Navosa provincial district is another power plant of Fiji, and while the coastal corals generate tourist revenue, the primary revenue stream of the hinterland is agricultural, wood and milk production.

This is part of the Kubuna Confederation, one of the three main Fijian tradition. This is a list of the 16 Distrikte in the Naitasiri region, with information about the towns and their "ai cavuti" or title. The Naitasiri region has 16 counties and 91 villages: The district of Naitasiri has 12 villages:

The Navuso - Matanikutu na Turaga Na Qaranivalu Vuna District has 3 villages: Sawani - Titles "Roko Tui Vuna na Vunivalu" Viria District has 7 villages: Viria - Titles "Nakorolevu na Turaga na Vunivalu" Navolau Titles - "Vanua'o Delai Vua na Vunivalu Ko Delai" Navuakece District has 6 villages:

Nabaitavo district has 2 villages: Nabaitavo - Titles "Burenitu na Turaga na Vunivalu" Waidina district has 11 villages: Nabukaluka - Titles "Waimaro na Marama na roco Tui Waimaro" Soloira district has 3 villages:

Vaikalou - Titles "Waimaro to Toraga to Roco Tui Waimaro" The district of Matailobau has 6 villages: Nearukuruku - Nairukuruku - Title of " Siko and Nabena na u Taukei ni Waluvu " Waima District has 3 villages: Lutu district has 3 towns called "Siko Koroqele na Vunivalu na Turaga" Nakorovatu: Nagonenicolo Lutu - titled "Lutu na Turaga na Tui Lutu" Nagonenicolo district has 8 villages:

Burelevu - Title "Vua na Kena iTaukei, ena Tikotiko Va' Qase" Noimalu District has 6 villages: Near Korokoyawa - Title "Railevu na Tui Nakurukuruvakatini" Muaira district has 8 villages: At the Lutu - Title "Navunitivi na Turaga na Vunivalu" Nadaravakawalu district has 4 villages:

Naiivucini - Titles "Navatusila na Turaga na Vunivalu" Saumakia1 - Titles "Navitilevu, Mataiqereqereqere, vua na Tui Navitilevu" Nabobuco District has 6 villages: Bureca Turaga na Tui Nabobuco" The Naitasiri region was the centre of the country's Banana exports until the 1960s. 1Thanks to Ratu Aseri Robatiratu for his advice as Ratu Eveli Rodugutabua, as of May 20, 2011.

This is a synopsis of the 5 Rotary Foundation District. There are 5 counties and 28 towns in Namosi: The district of Namosi has 6 villages: Nabukebuke na Nabukebuke na Turaga na Tui Namosi" Wainikoroiluva district has 5 villages: Nabukebuke na Tui Namoqo - tile "Naviaraki Vivua na Kim iTaukei" Wainilotulevu - title "Sanasana Vova na Tureaga na Railevu" Korovou - title "Drano Vanua na Kim iTaukei" Burotu - title "Nakorovaiwai Vanua na Kim iTaukei" Naqarawai District has 3 villages:

NAQUARAWAI - Title "Gone TRAGA na Tui Narukurukuvakatini" Veivatuloa county has 8 villages: Nabukebuke na Tui Namosi" The Namosi region has considerable floodplains and vast areas with more hilly farmland and woodland. 1On account of the reader, my thanks go to my Tauvu Mr. Epeli Naveata from Sanasana - owner of the Navua Upriver Lodge - for the update of the above mentioned name.

This is a synopsis of the counties. The province of Ra has 19 counties and 89 villages: The Naroko district has 7 villages: Revasa - Titles "Turaga na Leweivatudamu" Nokonoko - Titles "Tui Yavulevu" Tokaimalo District has 9 villages: Navunivau na Turaga na Vunivalu" Saivou district has 5 villages: Tanukuloa - entitled "Turaga na Ratu ni Natauiya" Nailuva district has 5 villages:

Turaga na Tui Korosavaulevu" Nalaba district has 3 villages: Rakiraki Burelevu - titled "Tokineke na Turaga na Leweitokineke" district has 5 villages: Tourist office - Titles "Turaga na Tuinavitilevu" Raviravi district has 8 villages: Navolau District has 3 towns; Navolau #1 - Nakorotubu District has 5 towns:

The Bureiwai District has 4 villages: The Delaiyadua - titled "Burenitu na Turaga na Tui Dama" Kavula district has 2 villages: Bureivanua Nabukadra - called " Turaga na Gonesau " district has 4 villages: Sova - titled "Leweinamolibale na Turaga na Vunivalu" Nakuilava district has 6 villages: The Bucalevu - titled "Leweinamatagai na Turaga na Vunivalu" Mataso district has 2 villages:

The Navitilevu district has 4 villages: The Nayavuira - Title "Turaga na Tui Navitilevu" Lawaki District has 4 villages: The district Nasau has 7 villages: Nasukamai - Title "Naiova na Turaga na Tui Nasau" Nasukamai - Title "Naiova automa na Gone Turaga na Tui Naiova" Nalawa district has 3 villages: Nababa District has 3 towns - Matawailevu - Title "Nacobicibici na Turaga na Tui Nalawa" Burenitu - Title "Naisogowaqa in Turaga na Ratu ni Bure" Nababa District has 3 villages:

The Rokovuaka name " Nababa na Turaga na Ratu " Rewa has about 25,200 hosts and contains Fiji's capitol Suva. Beqa Island - home of Fiji's firemen and marvellous diving sites - is also part of Rewa. This is a synopsis of the counties. The province of Rewa has 9 counties and 52 villages:

The district of Rewa has 11 villages: Burebasaga na Gone Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi na Vunivalu" Vutia district has 3 villages: Tuanaicake - Title "Turaga na Tunidau" Toga District has 3 villages: Savatuyaba - Title "Vunisalevu na Turaga na Tui Toga" Noco District has 10 villages: Burebasaga Nabudrau - Title "Vunisa na Ratu na Turaga na Tui Noco" Burebasaga district has 4 villages:

ªBurebasaga - titled "Gone Turaga na Roko Tuni" Dreketi district has 5 villages: To Vunisinu - titled "Turaga na Roko Tui Naduguca" Suva district has 8 villages: To Suvavou - called " Turaga na Tui Suva" Sawau district has 4 villages: Dacuibeqa - entitled "Nacurumoce na Turaga na Tui Sawau" Raviravi district has 4 villages:

The Soliyaga - Title "Turaga na Tui Raviravi" Serua has about 4,560 hosts, includes the Pacific Port Tourist Centre and is managed by a county governors. This is a list of the Serua District, with information about the towns and their "ai cavuti" or titles: There are 4 counties and 24 towns in Serua:

The district of Serua has 9 villages: Serova - called " Korolevu na Turaga na Vunivalu" Deuba district has 4 villages: Sádro - Titles "Dravuni na Turnaga na Tui Dravuni" Nuku District has 6 villages: Batiwai Nuku - The Batiwai District has 5 villages: The Galoa titled "Vusu na Turaga na Tani Vusu" Tailevu has about 13,930 hosts and includes the cities of Nausori and Korovou.

This is a list of the Tailevu Provincial District, with information about the towns and their "ai cavuti" or titles: The Tailevu region has 22 counties and 146 villages: Construction District has 17 villages: Construction - Title "Kubuna na Tui Kaba na Vunivalu" Viwa - Title "Turaga na Tui Viwa Roko" Kiuva - Title "Natena na Tui Kiuva Roko" Namara district has 6 villages:

Nausausau - titled "Turaga na roco Tui Veikau" Nausori district has 7 villages: Na Turaga na Ratu" Dravo District has 5 villages: Dragon - titled "Navitomi na Turaga na Tudrau" Namata district has 2 villages: Nakelo Raralevu - titled "Nacobua na Turaga na roco Tui Namata" Nakelo district has 17 villages:

Nuku District has 3 villages: Nauluvatu - Titles "Rara o Naakelo na Tui Nakelo" Nuku District has 3 villages: Titles "Turaga na Tui Nabou" Tokatoka district has 7 villages: Vuci - Titles "Navirourou na Toraga na Tui Vuci" Buretu district has 5 villages: Buretu1 - Titles "Naibati vena na Toraga na Tora Naibati" Verata district has 8 villages:

Çunivanua - entitled "Naisanokonoko na Turaga na Ratu" Namalata district has 11 villages: The Matacaucau - titled "Waimarolevulevu na Turaga na Ratu" Tai District has 3 villages: DRAVAUNI - titled "Turagta na roco Tui Tai" Vugalei district has 7 villages: natobuniquio - Entitled "Vunisalevu na Turaga na Tui Vugalei" Taivugalei district has 4 villages:

Sawakasa district Natuva - titled "Burerua, na Turaga na Vunivalu" Sawakasa has 6 villages: Sawakaasa #1 - titled "Nadereivalu na Turaga na Ratu" name district has 9 villages: Davasamu Naburenivalu - entitled "Nawainovo na Tui Vainovo" Davasamu district has 9 villages: Dawasamu na Turaga na Ratu" Naloto District has 3 villages:

Naiivicula - titled "Naloto, na Turaga na Tui Naloto" Wailotua district has 4 villages: Vailotua #2 - entitled "Wailevu, na Turaga na Tui wailevu" Nasautoka district has 2 villages: Nazautoka - titled "Turaga Sau na Vunivalu" Nayavu district has 6 villages: The Nayavu - Nailega District has 5 villages:

Naduadua na Turaga na Vunivalu" 1My thanks to Naduadua for the correction of this name. It includes the principal island - about 44 km2 and 15 km long - and some smaller isles. There are about 530 homes on the island and they are serviced by an international airfield and boat connections.

In the 2007 survey, around 2,400 people were counted on the island, about 10,000 of whom lived in Fiji or abroad. Benedict XVI is bordered by a 1.5 km wide seamcoral reef in the most eastern part of the island. Our administration centre is in Ahau in the Itu' ti'u area.

There is a mail delivery system with satelite telecommunication, hospitals, schools, a two-cell prison guard and the Island Council (RIC) office. RIC's mission is to administer the island, issue and enforce rules and statutes, deal with matters relating to the countryside and settle conflicts. It has fourteen members with fourteen votes - two per district  consisting of a leader and one elective member - and is chaired by a chairperson.

It has 7 counties and 19 towns (note that it has a different province/district/village hierarchy than other Fiji regions):

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