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Fiji's policy takes place within the framework of a representative parliamentary democratic republic. The exact dates vary from year to year, but are given one year in advance on the government website ( fj) under "About Fiji".

Fiji's government has put together an incentive package to encourage increased investment in exports. Screenshot of the less detailed instacharge website. In one Fiji, a plastic bag tax was announced to protect the environment.

Communiqués de presse

Fiji was a member state of the Special Session of the Conference of State Parities (CSP) for the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in The Hague, the Netherlands. A new Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of the Netherlands has been nominated by Fiji to reinforce our current relations and to find new ways of working together.

The latest news reports on Fiji's diabetic rate show how important it is for the whole EU to take measures to protect its public against non-communicable disorders (NCDs) such as diabetic and cardio-vascular disorders, which primarily take the shape of myocardial infarctions and stroke. Lomé, Togo - Ambassador Deo Saran, Head of Fiji's Mission to the European Union, spoke at the ACP Council of Ministers meeting in Lomé, Togo, on the importance of the ACP' s sugar sector for small and fragile island states such as Fiji.

Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, Minister of Industry, Trade, Tourism, Land and Mineral Resources, recently won a $10,000 check from the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) as one of the silver sponsors for the forthcoming United Nations Joint Commission on East Asia and the Pacific (UNWTO) meeting.

Attorney-at-Law - General

Offices of the Attorney General and the Attorney General are laid down in the Constitution. It is supported by the Prosecutor General, who is the Director General of the Ministry. It is composed of various departments which manage various articles of association allocated to the Prosecutor General. The website contains information about the Prosecutor General's Office, its tasks and responsibilities, the organization and other important information and details about the various departments of the firm.

The Fijian courts website provides information on the Magistrates Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Fiji.

Wellcome to the official website of

There is a Ministry of Justice consisting of the judiciary, the magistrate, various courts, among them the tribunal for small claims and the court support staff. While the Chief Justice presides over the Magistracy and the Small Claims Court, the Chief Registrar is the Chief Accounting Officer of the Division and leads the Court Support Staff.

All of Fiji's important centers are home to the Ministry of Justice. Its headquarters are in Suva. The other two high court centers are Lautoka and Labasa. Both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal are in Suva. There are high courts in Suva, Labasa and Lautoka.

Each of the three principal centers is home to the Supreme Court. While the Small Claims Tribunal has been created in the three large centers of Suva, Lautoka and Labasa, the meetings of the Mobile Tribunal now take place at fixed hours throughout the state. This website reflects the Ministry of Justice's vision, mission and core beliefs.

It organises periodic trainings for its staff and bailiffs in order to continue their education and keep a powerful course in their dedication to their vision, mission and values. A non-partisan and non-partisan court system for the Republic of Fiji. Ensuring an approachable, efficient, effective and transparent justice system.

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