Fiji Exclusive Island Resorts

Island Exclusive Fiji Resorts

Wonderful seaside resort in the heart of the South Pacific. courtesy of Turtle Island. Fiji Royal Davui Island Resort.

isles for sale in Fiji, South Pacific

From the secluded island of Motu, which was captured in a South Pacific timeline, to the world's most exclusive privately owned island resorts, Fiji is an island state with around 300 islets. Fiji is lined with sea corals and washed by hot South Pacific water. When you are considering a holiday on a privately owned island..... For more information on Fiji, the first thing you need to ask is how you want to do it.

There are some of the best dive sites in the South Seas to dive from. Surfer can go to Tavurua Island, just off Fiji's Viti Levu. Travelling in Fiji is simple with a small airplane, disaster recovery vessel or co-pilot vessel. It is very visitor-friendly and you will enjoy your stay on your own island.

Whole island for a couple or two.

Fiji Resort Island, Toberua Island Resort Fiji

Toberova is a truly private island with sixteen recently renovated bureans that offer you an unrivalled vacation time. Toberua Island Resort is situated in the Lomaiviti group off the east side of Fiji's major island Viti Levu with 24 hour seemless transfer services and consists of four sand and luxuriant tropic parks waiting for your visit.

Whether it' s Deluxe, Caribbean Front and Lagilagi villas, your Deluxe, Caribbean Front Bures or Lagilagi villas offer an extraordinary equilibrium between classic and modern-style. This, combined with the unique ambience of Toberua, is your place, your pleasure, your sunny spot, your island. There are a variety of outdoor and indoor sports available, or you can just enjoy the relaxing sunny and quiet atmoshere.

Spoil yourself in the spas or dancing barefooted under the star to the soft sound of Fiji living tunes - you do it. There is always something to do at Toberua Island Resort. The Toberua Island Resort provides a great place to spend a memorable event, a relaxing holiday with your loved ones or an enjoyable and private holiday.

That'?s your island. This is a vacation for the spirit, this is your personal island.

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