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Canary Bunaken Island Komodo Lembeh Strait Raja Ampat More dive sites. Diving Castaway Island, Coral Coast, Nadi, Taveuni. ""One of the most picturesque views of Fiji. Fiji has a lot to offer, from luxurious diving resorts in Fiji to remote eco hideaways. Check out our selection of Fiji diving resorts at guaranteed best prices.

Top 10 dive resorts in Fiji from 2018 (with prices)

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Diving Fiji - Luxury Scuba Diving Resort

The Namale Dive Center provides a wide range of inexpensive one-day and multi-day dive options for accredited divers accommodation. This is an ideal addition to our all-inclusive accommodation packages, allowing seasoned diver to take full benefit of the luxurious locations of our dive centre. A knowledgeable and skilled dive team can help you organise thrilling dives during your trip.

Go out in the mornings with our seasoned diving staff and then back to your luxurious home to sample a five-star menu, unwind at our award-winning spas or take part in one of the many other outdoor pursuits Namale has to boast of. The astonishing Fiji submarine environment is available to all of you.

If you are a first dive enthusiast or a qualified divers, Dive Namale's highly qualified and qualified personnel has a programme especially for you. The Intro to Dive & Intro to Dive Lesson programme will cover all the key competencies you need to dive beautiful flat cliffs with your dive guide in the shortest possible timeframe.

Namale's Full Certification Course and Openwater Referral Program can also bring you fully accredited and on a life-long underwater discovery journey. Namale's dive crew has many years of working experiences in the organization and supervision of thrilling dive outings. The Namale Dive, Watersports, & Activity Center provides our clients with a professionally designed, welcoming setting from which they can start their dives and is home to all our world class dive equipment.

Namale Pearl Dive Boats, as well as our other boats, are all moored in our own coves. There is a great freshwater swimming area with a view of the bay, which provides a place for relaxing after diving and also provides a framework for our diving courses.

This is a good chance for you if you are not (yet) a qualified SCUBA Divers to take the overhaul. SCUBA Lesson & Dive does not require any prior knowledge and is available to all Namale visitors. Your adventures start with acquiring the gear you will use during your dive with your diving teacher.

In the next stage you and your diving teacher will be learning the key competencies of SCUBA. You will also practise these techniques until you and your diving teacher are sure that you are fit for your dive on the open canal. As soon as you finish your swimming class, it's up to you and your dive buddy to go on your dive!

SCUBA Introductory Scuba Diver courses are performed on some of the best flat water riffs in and around Namale. Once your dive teacher has taught you about secure boating, you are on! You will be accompanied by your dive teacher on a trip to one of Namale's highest flat dive spots. The first dive you want to dive and if you want to keep going, you can.

If you wish, you can conduct further supervised diving with your diving teacher up to a max. of 20 metres. SCUBA Introductory Class & Dive - $229. $00 US taxes including all gear, swimming lessons and dive with your diving teacher. Extra trial dive - $129. 00 US $ dive fee including all gear and one (1) dive with your diveguide.

SCUBA certification with your Open Water Qualifying Dives (also known as Checkout Dives) is simple to complete here at Dive Namale. Throughout the years, our scuba diving educators have trained and trained for the SCUBA education of several hundred scuba diving professionals who have started their education in their home town of SCUBA Shop, YMCA, College or Community Center.

It' safer, easier, more enjoyable and is the beginning of a great SCUBA dive holiday. Usually Open Waters are 4 open sea sessions with one of our dive masters. During the 4 logged sessions you will dive for 2 nights. As well as everything you have already done in your swimmingpool practice, your dive teacher will instruct you everything you need to know to dive securely in a dive center in a tropic area.

The number of instructors is never more than 4 and in many cases the relationship is 1 to 1. Diving pupils must also provide their letter of recommendation/form, a copy of their medical and a log. With Dive Namale and PADI E-Learning on the fastest way to becoming a qualified and certified SCUBA diver.

The SCUBA Certification Programme is subdivided into three parts. Academician, swimming pools and open water workout. After completing the university part of the course, your next move will begin when you get to Namale, where we will begin your in-water course directly. You will be equipped by your diving teacher and taken to the swimming pools where you will begin the enjoyment, safety and ease of use.

From the swimming pools to the dive boats and to some of the most stunning dive sites in the South Pacific. After completing the course you will be "Certified" as a PADI Open Water Diver, which is recognised in all important SCUBA diving areas of the globe.

The programme does not offer accommodation at Namale Resort & Spa. Namale Resort & Spa does not refund diving excursions and/or diving courses that are not conducted at the guest's discretion or in case of early outings. Namale Resort & Spa will not refund diving excursions and/or training cancelled due to bad meteorological and/or marine condition or "force majeure".

For the unlikely case that diving activity has to be canceled due to adverse meteorological or marine factors, a proportional amount will be credited to the guest's room balance for use against spa fees or other ancillary costs.

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