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The Fiji dateline

Nadi, Fiji: International Date Line half of me was the other half on Monday. Over the International Date Line! Finish your journey to a true tropical paradise - the islands of Fiji. The Fiji is on the international date line. Fiji International Date Line.

What is the status of the International Date Line?

Hello travelling enthusiasts! I' m following a dream/bucket listing target to be on the World Date Line. It used to be relatively simple because the Fiji line halved, but now the possibilities are restricted because the line does not pass over any country. So I went to a confused tourist agency that was offering two options:

2 ) A small plane between Samoa and American Samoa that would be crossing the line - not sure if a plane is considered "standing"? Is there anyone who can provide more detail about these features?

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Hello, I am commemorating a two-week vacation, a whole weekend in Fiji and a whole weekend on the cooking isles. Am I crossing the World Date Line and fly Fiji to prepare food for an island or the other way around? From Great Britain across the Atlantic, across the States and down to Fiji, you will have to pass the dateline before arriving there.

I don't think you'll ever get to the Deadline. Fiji is the date line, so no mater where you come from, if you travel between Fiji and Rarotonga ("Cook Islands"), you have to pass the date line.

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In 500 BC Melanesians settled in Fiji, pushing Polynesians eastwards. In 1643 Abel Tasman sees Vanua Levu, other Fiji island. After the Bounty rebellion in 1789, Captain William Bligh travels through Fiji in his long boat and is almost taken prisoner by a warcanoe. In 1808 Sweden's Charlie Savage comes to Bau and delivers weapons to Chief Tanoa in victorious battles to capture the West Fijii.

In 1822 the beginning of the Europeans' settlements was in Levuka. In 1848 Prince Enele Ma'afu exercises the rule over the East Fiji Islands in the Lau Group. In 1849 the house of the US Consul John Brown Williams is burnt and plundered during the festivities on July 4; he accuses Cakobau, the high chieftain of East Viti Levu. In 1851 US military ship comes, Cakobau is demanded to reimburse 5,000 dollars for Williams' deaths.

In 1853 Cakobau is appointed as the highest construction manager, the highest position in Fiji. In 1855, the United States' demands against Cakobau grew to 40,000 dollars; US military ship comes, claiming some isles as a hypothec. In 1858 Cakobau offered to give Fiji to Great Britain for $40,000. In 1862 Great Britain refuses Cakobau's proposal. In 1867 restlessness grew; Europeans crowded Cakobau King of Bau; Pastor Thomas Baker was ate.

In 1871 Europeans formed the federal administration in Levuka, making Cakobau Fiji's reign. Cakobau' s reign collapsed in 1874; he and other chieftains handed Fiji over to Great Britain without a prize-winner. In 1882 the capitol moves from Levuka to Suva. In 1966, the Fijian-dominated Alliance political group won its first election. Fiji becomes an autonomous state; ally commander Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara is elected first premier.

In 1987 Fijian-Indian governing body gains control, appoints Dr. Timoci Bavadra premier with a majoritarian chamber in India. Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka is leading two bloody army putsches, appointing a transitional administration. In 1991, the new Fiji Convention, guaranteed by the Fiji delegation, is proclaimed. In 1992 Rabukas faction won the elections; he became premier. In 1994, second elections shorten Rabukas minority; he keeps control of the governing government with mixed-race voters.

Himmler Mahendra Chaudhry, trade unions head, is appointed India's first premier in 1999. The army dissolves the bill, nominates a Fijian-led transitional administration under Laisenia Qarase, arrested Speight. The Fiji Superior Tribunal confirms the 1998 Constitutional Treaty; the Qarase Fiji Nazi political parties win the legislative vote in new general election. He is overthrown by Commodore Frank Bainimarama Qarase, invoking racist and corrupt practices, and establishes a transitional administration with Chaudhry as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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