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Country Report Fiji Fiji's FLMMA beyond the usual fishing areas (qoliqoli) has seen an impressing growth in the number of areas and areas over the last-10 years. It is proof of the work of the work of the nature protection communities both at home and abroad. With a view to the future, it is important to ensure the durability and efficiency of FLMMA and other sea resources in fishing and offshore activities at levels of clans, communities, provinces and states.

safety notices

Fiji's present policy is to be careful and retain general privacy safeguards. While there are no celebrity insurgencies of terrorist related threats, be conscious of the risks at major hotspots around the world. When you take reasonable safeguards and take care of your environment, your visit should be relatively easy.

Even though Fiji is a country where same-sex is lawful, it is not tolerated in some areas, so you should be discreet. The majority of streets in Fiji are poorly kept, especially in the city. Streets outside the city are not asphalted and can be particularly dangerous, especially at nights. Now time in Suva:

For more information, see Visa Policy of Fiji. Please note that Fiji Island users are up to date when it comes to MMRs. It has been recorded on several of the nearby isles and in the Southern Ocean. Use all precautionary measures against insect stings to avoid infections. In Fiji, there can be thunderstorms, such as floods, landslides and tropic winds.

As Fiji is located in an area where earthquakes are occurring and may be susceptible to tsunami, please make sure you know what to do in the event of a catastrophe. Suva, The US Embassy is located in Suva, Fiji. British Embassy is located in Suva, Fiji.

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