Fiji and Surrounding Islands

Iiji and surrounding islands

activites There are also a wide range of country and lake cruises and outdoor pursuits in and around the surrounding Mamanuca Islands. Mamanuca islands are abundant in abundance of hard corals and a multitude of astonishing tropic fishing. For those who want to go further into the distance and discover other snorkeling spots, we are offering excursions to various places in the vicinity every day and sometimes even end up in an unexplored part of the islands, where you can observe astonishing creatures of the North.

Dog Tooth Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Rainbow Runner, Barracuda, Coral Trout, Scad and Billfish are just some of the species that are swimming in our water. We do not go fishing for marlin or sails in line with our sustainable tourism policy. Several footpaths vary in length and degree of difficulties.

Currently, our hikes cover Jona's Lookout with beautiful view over the resorts and the islands and the Ridge Track to Naroba Point and also the Mangrove Walk. He is also home to the Paramount Chief of the Mamanuca Islands. It is a multi-religious nation defended by all the great faiths. It is often the best early bird watch to be on the sea before the breeze comes up, and it is certainly the best early bird watch for an early day islands jump.

Pass Castaway Island, Mana Island, Matamanoa Island and MonuRiki Island, where we go swimming, snorkelling and strolling on the beaches. One of the most gorgeous islands of the Mamanucas, MonuRiki Island is the location where the famed "Cast Away" film with Tom Hanks was shot.

Journey continues to Monu Island to the northeast, Yanuya Island to the east, Tokoriki Island to the southwest, Tavua Island to drive back, and Mana Sand Bank to go swimming and snorkelling before returning for a long early morning break at the hotel.

The Fijians call Malolo "Na Siga and I Malolo". "Sundowns in and around Malolo can be wonderful and what better than a champagne cup, the chef's canapé and the sound of one of our Malolo serenades as you cruise around the islands, savour the music.

By 2018 we had obtained the rent of Mociu Iceland (pronounced "Moor-thiew"). Mociu is a privately owned, small, inhabited islet, only 15 minute drive by sea from the residence, and the water and reefs around it have been designated a naval "na tabu" by the Paramount Chief of the Mamanucas - which means that no type of angling or shellfishing is permitted.

Designed for Ahura Resort visitors only, Mociu Island will also be used to further evolve and extend our environment initiative, including: restoring arid forests, coral/mussels and other naval plantations and conserving and otherwise protecting biodiversity. If you are looking for adventure, there is a jet ski safari to the near MonuRiki or a parasail around the Malolo water.

Some of the world's most popular windsurf break destinations are located near the resort along the south side of the Malolo Barrier Reef. There are windsurfing to Cloudbreak (home of the yearly Fiji Professional windsurf championships), Wilkes Passage, Desperation and restaurants. Excursions can be made daily from Malolo for F$125pp (min. of 3 people).

Reservations can be made upon your arriving at the resort with the activity group. It rains in Fiji on occasion. However, this will not stop you from taking a stroll in the sun or even a bath or a snack. There is also a programme for humid conditions and here you can join the activity crew, who will show you the many ways to bind a sulu/sarong, make wicker basket and hat from leafy palms, teach you Fiji and some of the popular Fiji cultures and legend while you try a kava saucer.

Find out more about the origin of kava, the plants and their properties and the protocol around the wedding itself. Subsurface Fiji, a PADI 5 Star IDC, operates our dive center. It is a fascinating place full of lively blue water, rich in nice coral and a surprising diversity of colorful thatch.

Select a relaxed dives in the tranquil inner water of the coral canal, or discover the deep Mamanuca Accessible Refuge, where you will be accompanied by large tortoises, mantas, large tortoises and large shells. The Mamanuca Islands offers a selection of 44 diving spots for qualified scuba diver.

You will see caverns, battlements, ramparts, a B26 bomber from World War II, a shipwreck and a great diving trip at the world-famous'supermarket' area. Admire a wealth of tropic fishing, large saltwater pelagics and the colorful coral for which Fiji is renowned, and you will want to continue to explore these beautiful canyons.

Get to know the fundamentals of diving in the swimming pools and then go to the world-famous coral cliffs under the supervision of your diving masters.

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