Ferry to Waiheke Island Auckland new Zealand

Waiheke Island Auckland New Zealand Ferry

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Would it be rewarding to go from Auckland to Waiheke for one day before we go to Rotorua and if so, how would we get to Rotorua afterwards? The Waiheke Island is 35 minutes by ferry from the centre of Auckland. You can take an Airbus from the main station next to the Ferry Building.

Take the Waiheke ferry from Pier 2. The ferry runs on the full day of the week with restricted service until the middle of the night. It is a 5-minute drive by coach or cab from the Waiheke port. Bare buses drive from Quay Street, opposite Pier 2, to Rotorua. Favourable position in comparison to the Intercity coach station next to the Ski City Park.

In order to get to the city centre, take an aircraft from the airport to the Ferry Building in the CBD. So, we took the plane to the ferry, took the ferry back and then we really went to Rotorua? Where' d you spend the nights and it's a little out? You ever been to Rotorua?

Flitterwochen - definitely at least 2 days on Waiheke. Rotua - book a whirlpool with every single whirlpool session. Or, if you're not too interested in mudslides, Geysirs and Maori civilization, maybe spend a whole afternoon at the Rotorua tourism attractions, but head to Taupo (50 minute ride on the simple street just South of Rotorua ) - a lot of waterside lodging by the water to do.

You do not need to buy Airbus seats in advance. As soon as you have reached the arrival lounge and walk onto the road in front of the airport terminals, there will be a stand next to the bus stop where Airbus seats will be sold. Okay, big thanks and a last question now we think about doing Coromandel first, but I didn't see Fry's from Coromandel to Waiheke?

Auckland, Waiheke Island, North Island, New Zealand

Waiheke Island is only 35 min. by ferry from the centre of Auckland and is located in the wonderful Hauraki Gulf. Just mentioning Waiheke is enough to put a big face smile to a Aucklander. The Waiheke is a large island with about 7,500 inhabitants and 30,000 inhabitants in sommer.

It is a scenic mix of arable land, woods, beaches, vines and acres. It' simple to circle the island by coach or cab. You will be occupied with sports such as playing a game of tennis, playing a game of tennis, playing a game of tennis, or just finding a spot on the beautiful sun.

The Waiheke Islands fabrics wineries: A visit to some of the Waiheke Island's magnificent vineyards is a must for anyone on the island! Explore the Waihekes Islands with many coves, inlets, and beaches: Waiheke has many picturesque little coves and promontories that make canoeing in the area an unforgettable one.

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