Ferry to Kapiti Island

Recreation ferry to Kapiti Island

Either you can visit Rangatira in the middle of the island or Waiorua at the north end. New Zealand ferry services provide water transport for the travelling public and cargo between the islands. The boat trip is subject to a fee and it pays to book in advance in summer. The Kapiti Ferry leaves Kapiti Ferry Tractor with Kapiti Island. Go by boat to a place where the Wellingtonians relax.

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Hiking from Rangatira to the highest point demands maximum physical condition, with cliffy and challenging paths and truly worthwhile bird and natural adventures..... As an alternative, the Waiorua landings offer a much less exhausting hike, still with beautiful wildlife and wildlife adventures, and the chance to visit the Royal Spoonbill's Nest Collection on one of our led hikes.

The Waiorua Bay (North End) provides a more relaxing choice of opportunities. You can also go sea kayaking and snorkeling in Waiorua Bay (from Kapiti Nature Lodge) and simply relax and unwind at Kapiti Nature Lodge.

We have to reserve ferry booking hours in advance.....

erenemccu..... Ferry booking hours we have to reserve in advance, how long for end of February 2017 day trips? You have to make a reservation. This is the peak of the summer period, so it would be advisable to do it sooner rather than later. but why take a chance?

So I left in mid-March and made a reservation about 3 nights in and that was enough - at least for the outing. If you can make more bookings in advanced, why not? It would not be hard to alter the dates if the schedules changed nearer the times. I' d check with Kapiti Island Tours but would suggest that you make a booking for December 2016 for February 2017 when you go to the island for that one.

I recommend booking in the middle of this year if you would like to spend the night at the chalet. We' ve reserved six to eight week in advance for February, the high seasons are without difficulty. When you have reserved at least 6 to 8 week in advance for the winter time.

Chapter Island (North Island) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

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