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Auckland - Waiheke Island New Zealand Ferry

FERRY AUCKLAND TO WAIHEKE ISLAND, the best in Auckland New Zealand! "Favourable location, warm and cosy in the cold and wet nights of New Zealand. Auckland Airport was very excited when we arrived. Short ferry trip from Auckland to Waiheke Island.

Arrival and Touring to Waiheke Island New Zealand

Auckland International and Domestic Airports to Auckland ( "Downtown Auckland", where most Waiheke ferry services depart) take about 40min. (or more at rush hours). SeaLink's ferry for passengers and vehicles is 45 min from Half Moon Bay - see their website for the latest prices. You can rent vehicles on the island from $50 per night, there can also be a fee per km.

Guidebook to New Zealand's Waiheke Island Wineries

During your stay in Auckland, New Zealand, you will be saving your days for a full excursion to the Waiheke Island vineyards. Waiheke Island? It is a small island off the coast of Auckland, known as the "Island of Wine" because of its almost 30 vineyards.

Indeed, the island was industrialised mainly for winemaking, and today, with the many wealthy New Zealanders interested in the island, it has become an incredible place to go, full of fine restaurants, barrels of vineyards and cellars gates, stunning views and fine arts galeries.

You will be pleased to know that it is only a 35-minute ferry trip from Auckland to Waiheke Island and it is one of the most scenic places for wines on the North Island. We' ve sent you a guidebook to the Waiheke Island vineyards, with information about the ferry, where you can spend the night, where you can have dinner, and we even have a few organised trips that you can make so you don't have to plan (or drive) yourself.

The best thing about Waiheke Island is that the winery door (tasting room) remains open very latecomer. Most of them are open from 10 am to 9 pm or later. So you can do more than a few to extend your days.

It is always recommended to have a long dinner at a vineyard! Waiheke Island Ferry takes you from Auckland to the island in about 35 mins. A ferry trip gives you the chance to photograph the Auckland skies and breathtaking coastlines as well as the Hauraki Gulf islets.

The ferry has two options: It will take you to and from the island, but be aware that this is a passenger-only ferry, so you will not be able to cross your vehicle. Auckland Ferry operates from the 99 Quay St ferry station in the city centre. It also provides many different trips and adventures on the island, which can be a good option if you do not need to arrange it.

You should always reserve your ferry ticket or your trip as early as possible so that you get the desired timetables and itineraries. A ferry that departs either from Half Moon Bay in East Auckland or Wynyard Wharf in Auckland City and brings you to Kennedy Point on Waiheke Island.

To ensure you are on the ferry in good season, you should be at the ferry port at least 20 mins before the Fuller ferry is due to dock. You will want to come even sooner for the ferry. A Waiheke Island Winery Cruise (like this one) includes a ferry trip and transport on the island to the winery.

Most of the trips (like the one just mentioned) have a full board coach ticket, so you can stay longer on the island and if you wish you can discover more on your own. Once the trip is over, the coach will of course take you back to the ferry if you want to leave right away.

Once you have your vehicle on the ferry, you can discover the area wherever you want. Most visitors to Waiheke Island come without a vehicle. A passport can be purchased at the checkout in Auckland or Waiheke and on the ferry.

When you don't want to take the coach, you can call a cab in any of the vineyards to take you to the nearest one. Sometimes you can also go for a stroll between the vineyards. You can also hire a vehicle (or bicycle or scooter) on the island. For ease of use, here is a page with all Waiheke vehicle hire choices.

Once you have reserved a trip, it is very likely that you will be visiting one of the first three vineyards (if not all) on this listing. They are the most appreciated vineyards among travel agencies. Yes, they can deal with large groups, but they are also very well known and have a great one.

There is nothing you can do in one of these vineyards. When you plan your own winery trip on Waiheke Island, you can be more exciting and include some of the remote estates in your route. Waiheke Island's one of my favourite vineyards is Mudbrick Vineyards.

It lies on the hill with a breathtaking outlook on Auckland. It was a pleasure to visit the vineyard and the area. There' s not a poor outlook from anywhere on the premises. With its invaluable views, the Ristorante is one of the most popular restaurants on the island. You' re gonna want to have a two-course luncheon with a couple of wines.

For tastings for less than 10 persons no registration is required. Cable Bay Winery is another of my favourite Waiheke Island estates. There are five wineyards at the west end of Waiheke Island, whose basement doors are right in the heart of the city. Winetasting in Cable Bay is $10 and contains four of her latest publications.

There is no need to register for a winetasting, which can take place between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm. You also have a $20 trip and degustation, which include the same four degustations, or a $50 connoisseurs degustation, which include your spares. To find the ideal place to hide for your families on Waiheke Island, visit the Cable Bay Villa.

This basement doors is one you don't want to miss. It' the only one with a sampling room on Waiheke Island shore. The view of the vineyard on the island is mostly from above. Tastings are free of charge. You will probably want to spend a picknick to let the children walk around the farm or to enjoy a nice dinner (bread, meat and cheese for 2 people) and a drink of their fabulous Pinot Gris in the beautiful taste room.

The Batch Wineyard includes the winemaking shop interior. Labeling on the wines reflects the attention invested in their design. It is also nice to see Batch World. BATWINERY is a stop on the Hop On Hop Off Coach (which you can reserve here) so that it is easy to get to for anyone using this mode of commute.

But this place isn't just a vineyard. Game on Waiheke is the place where you want to try something of everything. You have a beer brewer, a vineyard, a gourmet wine cellar, a local wine tavern and many other things like bow and arrow shoot, lasertonschiessen and gigantic horseplay. There is a small wine room with a few desks.

There is a choice of things to try from the menus. Kennedy Point Vineyard is the only accredited organically produced cellar on the island. You don't have a place to eat, but you can combine your winetasting with an oyster, cheese and smoke -dried sausage.

In the wine room you can taste the oil and wine of Hay Paddock Vineyard, founded in 2003 by Chris Canning, who produces the award-winning Syrah. Waiheke Island's wine estates should give you more than enough to do while you're there. However, don't miss driving into the city to take a look through the stores and maybe even enjoy a lovely supper before taking the ferry back.

When you' re on the perimeter for this ride, you shouldn't be. A detour to Waiheke Island for a taste of the wines is an unforeseen pleasure. Did you do a Waiheke Island winetasting? Which were your favourite vineyards? Can' t wait to go back and see some of these beautiful properties.

When you are in New Zealand and have more to do, have a look at these bizarre things on the North Island and our schedule of New Zealand romance trips.

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