Female Sculpture Artists

Feminine Sculptors

As a world-famous sculptor, Barbara Hepworth distinguished herself at a time when women artists were rare. "There are few black artists and sculptures in South Africa. In the pavilion of her home country, Fontes shows a five-metre-high horse sculpture. Discover tizzano sculpture llc's board female portrait busts on interest. Female form sculptures are a feature of the exhibition Ice Age art: Arrival of the Modern Spirit.

There are 10 female artists you should know

let's take a look at some of the greatest female artists in Britain. Fiona Banner, who has been shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2002, makes sketches, sculpture and installation, with the focus of her work on the use of type and the associated issues. A member of the Young Artists, her work revolutionized the standards of modern Conception.

Well-known for her portrayal of nude portrayals - but not of classic beauties in large sizes - Saville has altered the notion of portraying meat and the mortal corpse as inaccurate. She fights against the exploiting of female beauties in the arts by producing images of humans, especially female ones, which one might find repulsive.

As the first female Turner Prize winner in 1993, Rachel Whiteread is best known for her castings of rooms that we visit every day. To make them, she uses typical sculptural material such as gypsum and gum. She has been successful in the many cultural events she has erected worldwide, such as the Vienna Monument to the Holy Causts and a clear sculpture in resins for the 4th pedestal on Trafalgar Square.

She is both a sculptress and artist and her work can be seen in many UK government collectors. The' Walls of Water' show, which was on view in 2015, featured works painted solely in the style of the National Gallery Collection in London, focusing primarily on works that show ripples off the coast.

As the first female Pritzker Architects to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize for her neo-futuristic architecture, the Iraqi-British designer is also known for her visions of architecture that reflect her work. Her work has seen her design work in architecture around the globe, among them the MAXXI Museum in Rome and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London.

Because of its practicality, it is often ignored as an artistic genre, and Zaha Hadid has succeeded in changing this general view. Wrapped in wire, Alice Anderson transforms daily items into relicts that can only be recognized by their geometrical shape, creating reminiscences of the dark ages and catching contemporary object.

In Anderson' s words, the act of mobilising an object in cupric thread is her technique of remembrance and assists the observer in appreciating the little things in our lives that we normally take for granted. 3. Part of the Young Artist family, Sarah Lucas combined the medium of photographing with collage of found artworks to create thought-provoking works.

It became known for replacing the mortal corpse with furnishings, as the following example shows. Emphasizing lonely woman busy with common duties, she creates stories that deal with questions of sex and classes ancillarily. On first glance, the photos seem very quiet, but have a deep sense, which is of particular importance for today's women's right-work.

Even though scenography cannot be considered a common artistic practice, Es Devlin's work has set the standards for his work. Using videoprojections she produces groundbreaking visuals for every genre such as theater, operas, concert and music. Rebecca Warren, a London native and resident, makes sculpture ranging from abstracted forms to man-made shapes, mostly in bronce, anthracite, unfired earthenware or iron to produce a harsh surfac.

Their work often deals with the anti-woman representation of the female form in the story and refers to fruitfulness gods and artists such as Willem de Kooning.

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