Female Form Sculpture

Feminine form sculpture

Female Shop Form Sculpture created by thousands of aspiring artists from around the world. Des femmes inspirées par l'art de la Renaissance, révèle la beauté de la forme féminine. Inspired by the classic figurative forms, this sculptural work lends soul to any room. Canadian artist Michael Binkley's abstract stone sculpture from BC-Jade, which resembles a naked female torso. A typical "cycladic idol" has the shape of a naked woman standing on her toes with her arms crossed over her breasts.

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Feminine shapes | Art and designs

At the edge of Cramlington, something striking is taking shape: a huge sculpture of a lady carving into the city. Northumberlandia will be four hundred meters long and higher than the Angel of the North and will be the greatest reproduction of the manbody in the whole wide underworld. When completed in 2013, walkers will be able to admire the view of Northumberland and celebrate the nude female form over its huge form, shinbones and upper legs and 34 metre high boobs.

Northumberlandia is not alone; our country is full of feminine shapes - Britain in Billingsgate, Pankhursts in Victoria and Eleanor Rigbys in Liverpool; with shyly drawn museums in the manor house garden, soft sorrowful people looking out between the highgate graveyard rose, and allegoric characters that stand inseparably on Glasgow's city chambers and the Holborn Viaduct; their shapes range from sensuous to slim, from restraint to

Here we present eight female statues that can be seen in the UK landscape: Colombian sculptress Botero designed this lush five-ton sculpture in 1990 and placed it at the centre of London's finance area. Come and see her on a day of the week and remember her pleasant incongruence as possessed workmen flash by with their suitcases and faces down, her curvy, lush form in clear contrasts to the edgy archi ¬cture of many cityscape.

The Grizedale Forest contains some of the country's most beautiful sculptures - 60 works that have been produced in answer to the countryside, among them Charles Bray's work Light Column from 1994 and Kerry Morrison's Some Fern. Below is Alannah Robins' 1995 sculpture Bean An T-Visce, which shows a sleek female character in a stream as she points a waterslide at another one.

Sophie Ryder started a residence in Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 1986. In her 2007 sculpture entitled Seating, this is a large, gray, nude female character with the face of a rabbit sit quietly on the lawn, hiding his feet under her and rests on one of her arms.

A large part of the joy in Ryder's work comes from the textures, the bronze-coloured frill, the matte color and the curious-romantic impression of the statues. As Dhuvra Mistry's sculpture of a nude lady reached the centre of Birmingham in a water well in the early 1990s, the natives called it the floozie in the whirlpool.

This huge bronce is calmer than the nickname suggests - she rests again in the sea, her knee flexed and traversed, her face completely perfect in composition. It is interesting to note that The River is not Birmingham's only female source of drinking pleasure - not far away, on the Edgbaston campus of the University of Birmingham you will also find William Bloye's stylish Mermaid bronce.

I would be mistaken to talk about landscapes and sculpture in Britain and not mentions Hepworth. "At first and last," she remarked in 1946 in an explication of her sculpture mindset, "there is the man who becomes a free and evocative part of a larger whole in the state. It is this relation between character and scenery that is very important to me.

Three of her bronzes are standing next to the reeds around the Aldeburgh Festival's venue, the auditorium of Snape Maltings. There are two casts of the sculptures and the complete kit can be seen in Yorkshire Sculpture Park. She rests in front of the Leeds City Art Gallery, her body is deep buffed, bronzed, her hands agglomerated and one high.

Moore, who lived in Leeds during his adolescence, set up the sculpture himself in the spring before the gallery's new sculpture expansion was opened. It is said that he enjoyed the contrasts between its round shape and the strict lime stone façade of the galery. The Sandgate Steps in Newcastle is headed by Andre Wallace's sculpture Siren.

She' been here since 1995, a close associate of Wallace's River God, giving Siren a kis. Constructed of bronce, we only see her naked upper body and her thighs. She has an excessive wavy hair behind her and is wearing a ring in her ear.

Parker's breathtaking 38-year-old dam Georgina Baker's bronce casting was one of the high points of this year's Folkestone Triennale - a powerful, especially tailless character that rises silently on the water.

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