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Surfing Island Fanning

It is a very remote and untouched tropical paradise, blessed with world-class sensational surfing and zero crowds. The Fanning Island is now open and here is our website:. The Fanning Island is one of the liner islands in Kiribati. I' m going to surf for the rest of my life in Fanning. Not overcrowded surf and world-class bony fishing.

It is a very secluded and pristine tropic heaven, which is also gifted with world-class surfing sensations and zero people.

It is a very secluded and pristine tropic heaven, which is also gifted with world-class surfing sensations and zero people. The Fanning Island is situated just to the south of Hawaii and therefore captures the same waves as Hawaii. Surfing all year round, Fanning is an excellent way out for the adventurous surfers who want to get off the well-trodden paths.

It is tabuaeran, which means "heavenly footprint", although "heavenly left-hander" would also be appropriate! Few have ever had the chance to surf in our fantastic World Class Tuba. "IT IS ONE OF THE BEST LINKS IN THE WORLD!"

Fanning`s North Shore, where during the Hawaii an even more constant right and lefthand turn prevails during the snowfall. Whether it' summers or winters, you will enjoy riding the perfectly empty Fanning surf. It' has one of the best links you'll ever surf!

Siteplans of Fanning Island

The Fanning Island in Line Islands is a point breakfast that can surf quite reliably. There are other surf breaks near Fanning Island: Wavesticks near Fanning Island: Tidal wards near Fanning Island: Skiareas near Fanning Island: Urban and urban prognoses near Fanning Island: Kiribati's next airports for passengers to Fanning Island is Christmas Island (Kiritimati) International Airfield (CXI) in Kiribati, which is 307 km (191 miles) away.

Kona International At Keahole International Airfield (KOA) in Usa Hawaii Island, 1803 km (1120 miles) away, is the second nearest Fanning Island airfield. You can use the Navigate tab above to display Fanning Island Ocean Temp, Fanning Island Photos, Fanning Island detail ocean conditions, winds and meteorology forecast, Fanning Island weavecams, the latest winds from Line Island living meteorological station, and Fanning Island tidal forecast.

You can animate these charts to display the different ocean waves constituents, waves power, waves periods, waves height, as well as winds and waves predictions, actual meteorological and ocean waves from Kiribati waves buoy, sailing boats and coast meteorological station. Every prediction page for this surf breaking includes a local and international surf wavefinding tools to find the best surfing spots in the Fanning Island area.

Featured Update: We now show scarlet surf-icon for' open sea' surfs that go in an unfavorable way for the surfboard.

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