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Meaning of Fanaa

A Bollywood Hindi film called "fanaa" in which actor says a dialogue to be destroyed in love with the actress is what the word "Nasht" means in Hindi (????).

The Urdu word Fanaa means to destroy, to destroy. In Hindi/Urdu poetry and even in Bollywood songs Fanaa is a common word. Its title is derived from the Islamic Sufi term "fanaa", which means "destroyed" in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hindi. The meaning was a little different in the film.

Importance of fanaa

??? ??? pa??r_en. n. de ???'Décéder, périr', d. A ???fan? (inf. n. de ???'Décéder, périr, &c.), s. f. Mortalität, Gebrechlichkeit, Korruption, Verfall, Verderben, Zerstörung, Tod;-adj. Décédé, décédé, défunt, disparu ; inexistant, éteint:-fan?-pa??r, adj. Transient, destructable; transient, fragile, transient, destructive, &c.:-fi?l fi?l--karn? -to Transient, destructable; transient, fragile, transient, destructive, &c.:-j?n? j?n?--karn? -to be accepted into the deity; to be vanity and insensitive to all others;-to die:--to-destruct, to exterminate, to destroy:-karn? ho-j?n?, v.n. To go away, to disappear, to dy be; to stop being, to dy.

Understanding fanaa - the meaning of fanaa

A Fanaa (Hindi: ????, Urdu: ????, English: Desroyed in Love) is an indian mystery flick shot by Kunal Kohli and made by Yash Raj Films in 2006. Aamir Khan plays in an anti-heroic part, Kajol as his blinding interest in lovemaking and Rishi Kapoor, Tabu and Sharat Saxena in sub-porpions.

The Aamir Khan is the Delhi travel leader Rehan Qadri and Kajol is playing a blinding Kashmiri woman Zooni Ali Beg. But they are severed by a horrific bomb that allegedly killed Rehan. FANA was on a household and was one of the most costly Bollywood movies in his heyday.

It is entitled after the Muslim Sufi word "fanaa", which means "destroyed" in Arab, Persian, Urdu and Hindi. This was the first movie to present Khan and Kajol in a romance mating ("Ishq", the two had already worked together in 1997). It was also the last return of Kajol seen in Karan Johar's Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001), and it was the first appearance of Aamir Khan working under the Yash Raj flag.

It was a controversial and commercially successful movie, and many reviewers felt that it worked mainly because of the performance and chemical nature of the protagonists. In Gujarat state, however, she was forbidden because of his criticism of the Gujarati administration due to protest against the leading character Aamir Khan.

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