Fanaa 2

Fana 2

After adjustment for inflation, the adjusted gross profit in 2016 is ? billion (29 million US dollars). Showbiz aamir-khan-fanaa-2. aamir-khan-fanaa-2. 27 December 2013 14:06 IS.

The notorious MTV share of TV actress Anita has gained Fanaa massive popularity!

Seraa 2 Disc Bollywood DVDs with German sub-titles

Fanaa's manufacturing standards are very high, with crystal-clear motion pictures and great home cinema soundtrack. They are very good and Des Rangila stands out in this and many other movies. Rangila is a similar to Aaja Nachle, but less vigorous and graceful with more expression and symbolism in the movement of her hands and arms.

The colourful dancing is a great work. After reading other critiques that spoke of a suprise in the center of the movie, I tried to see it come. Critics have a point about the second half of Fanaa.


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Intelligent Fanaa 2 - on holding pattern - Syalia

Quietly she says while I remove her head behind my ears, but she withdraws and makes my hands one side of me, "Since the confidence in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge", I say that she approaches her a little, this times she does not stop and just looks at me, I can say that she is still surprised, but it is the fact, I know that she has felt the same way towards me, "For 6 years?

I know you, I know how I feel," she says, nodding, I see her far away and she walks backwards as I walk along her stride, "How should I know? Whispering as she gasps as her back touches the back of the gate, I stopped in front of her and followed my finger up the side of her and saw her being tensed by my contact, "I just know," I am whispering because my hand is side of her that can't escape her, I am leaning a little nearer as she bites her lower lips, "I....I"!

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