Fagatele Bay

The Fagatele Bay

The Fagatele Bay is a bay in the Western District, American Samoa. Contacts_Person: The Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a national marine reserve in American Samoa. The Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a national marine reserve in American Samoa. Fagatele Bay is embedded against the island of Tutuila in American Samoa.

National Fagatele Bay Marine Sanctuary Report

This bay and the paths are located on the Fuimaono estate, which has been living here for about 1,000 years. Hikers are permitted to walk, go swimming and snorkeling, but must first sign a notebook at a door. In order to get to Fagatele Bay, take or take a regional coach to Futiga Village, about 7 km south-west of Pago Pago, and turn off to your right at the US Mart.

Bring along fresh waters for the walk and wear restrained clothing for hiking and swim ("no bikinis").

The Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Tutuila

Fagatele Bay, a sunken volcano craters, is lined with Tutuila's last surviving coast rain forest. It is home to more than 140 different types of corals and is home to a large number of turtles and migratory moguls ("humpback whales", June to September). PF Sunia Ocean Center in Pago Pago has free charts with longer walking itineraries.


When we were at the Ocean Center in Pago Pago, we found out that there is a National Marine Sanctuary in Fagatele Bay (Pronounced Fangatele Bay). And he was immediately disillusioned. Founded in 1986, the 0. 25 sq. m. of Fagatele Bay has been guarded as a no-take site.

So we went the two leagues from the place where we lived to Fagatele Bay. After five leagues, I was just as confused. On the unpaved path we reached Fagatele, where we were told that we had to report to the owner's home to get in.

When we went down the street, a 4x4 driver from a whitey came past us. and asked if we were going to Fagatele. He works for a renewables firm that works on one of the other isles and met up with some snorkelling buddies in Fagatele Bay.

He was a great lover of his friends: the director of interpretation and education in American Samoa National Park (Kelsey), her boyfriend from home (Jess), another type of renewables (Mike) and a little bit of a woman who works as a marine engineering on the Isle of Alanna. In the back of their cars we were hoping to pay the $5/person for the host families who had left us on their lands and drove towards the bay.

ikes had been to Fagatele Bay before, so he took the snorkel tour. Pisces and corals and everything else were there. Some particularly pretty examples of stag horn corals called after the stag's horns. Every time I tried to go swimming deeply to get a tape of corals, I was dragged to the top.

that he' never seen it so clearly. So we drove back and forth across the bay and relished the miracle of snorkelling. It' one of those things that causes people to go on a trip through the world. Took me from the present me and transported me back to when I was a kid.

Kids ask questions after questions after questions after questions after questions. I need you to ask, what kind of seaweed is this? What makes the mollusc look like a salad bowl? Exactly how many different types of corals are there? Wh-what's cork? So if you haven't snorkeled yet, let me know. I' d be happy to accompany you on your first trip, it probably won't be Fagatele Bay, but it will still be a good one.

Thanks, Ben, Kelsey, Jess, Mike and Alanna. We' had a great run! Leaving Fagatele, we drove out in the back of a lorry and had a beautiful sight of the exit. Unfortunately there was no place in Alanna's vehicle, so we could make a trip back to our accommodation.

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