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The Estepona (Spanish pronounced:[este?pona]) is a city and commune in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain. Situated in the Malaga region, part of the Valencia Andalusia. The Estepona is known for its 21 km of coast. Estepona has a microclimate with over 325 sunny holidays per year due to its surrounding nature, surrounding the ocean and the mountain.

The Romans invaded the area, but a lakequake in the fourth quarter ruined their city or mansion. Referrals to "Salduba" or "Silniana" as an important nature harbour in old documentation may relate to this city or possibly to the San Pedro Alcantara quarter in Marbella. Estepona' probably comes from the Moorish Astabbuna or Al-extebunna.

2 ] In 1342, the Battle of Estepona took place in the Bay of Estepona between the navy of the Kingdom of Aragon and the navy dynasty, destroying the conquering Aragonese navy near Gibraltar, but the Western powers finally won the siege of Algeciras. In the evening al Jhatib, who wrote in the latter part of the XIV c. centuries, referred to the city as in a state of deterioration and lived from its call for gastronomic delights, with its dilapidated ruin.

Henri IV of Castile conquered the city from the Moors in 1457. Above the former city shrine a cathedral was erected, around which a city was growing, which was later also demolished and only the old bell-tower ( and the Simon Fernandez College nearby) is preserved.

The Gibraltar Plateau is the closest to Estepona Beach City. Malaga is the closest Malaga internation airfield to Estepona and is about 80 km away. The A7 autovía, which goes along the Costa del Sol, serves Estepona. There' is also a motorway called AP7 Autopista, which allows a quicker journey between Málaga and Estepona and bypasses many of the city areas along the way, such as Marbella.

Usually you can drive from Malaga to Estepona for less than 10 Euro tolls for a regular vehicle. The Estepona Harbour is a functioning fishery harbour with excellent food and water. Harbor offers a large selection of shellfish for sale every day. In the harbour there is also the Estepona road fair - a collecting of stands where you can buy many textiles and leathers.

It is usually in Estepona on Sundays, but it goes around the commune of Malaga to areas such as Puerto Banús, Marbella, Casares, Torremolinos, Fuengirola and others. The Puerto Banús is an upper class town about 30 min by car from the port of Estepona with a large number of design shops. The port of Estepona can be reached in 20 min by local traffic.

The Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Estepona is the Estepona Convention and Exposition Center, opposite the Estepona grocery store on the east side of Estepona, near Marbella. It hosts almost all of Estepona's activities, which include trade shows, trade shows, trade shows, concert performances and more. It has over 20 km of coast and 17 different sands.

The majority of them are located right next to the various properties outside the city. Its closest secluded sandy beach is Playa del Cristo and Playa de la Rada. Playa del Cristo is five-minute drive from Estepona Marinas city. It is 5 km long and leads from the harbour past the old centre of Estepona to the beginning of the promenade near the large shopping centre in Estepona.

There' s also a favourite nude bathing area on the Costa Natura just south of Estepona, which was the first officially nude bathing area in Spain. Papuecas Street - Estepona Garden of the Costa del Sol. San Luis Castillo de San Luis stems from the fifteenth centuary when Queen Isabella I had it erected to save the city from Muslim intruders.

From then on, many have constructed a second floor (sometimes with a rooftop patio above), all have power and all mod-cons, and most are in the more than 100 roads and squares that have been upgraded and beautified by re-paving the road, reinstalling sewerage, and making flower pots available - and stuffed - by the Ayuntamiento, the Municipality.

While Estepona is not known for its nightclub lifestyle on the Costa del Sol, it has a large selection of bars and dining options. The majority of our restaurant are near the seaside, either along the coast's major boardwalk or along Calle Real. Estepona's small and medium-sized stores, especially in the old city, sell products and goods from the area.

Situated in the city center, the recently refurbished outdoor fair has stands selling live meats, seafood and veg. Downtown shops sell modern fashion and other goods. Typically for cities of this magnitude in Spain is a fair on the central plaza (Wednesdays), where clothes, groceries and veggies are offered.

In Estepona harbour there is also a Sunday fair for "tourist" goods. Estepona has no big malls. Some of the most important grocery shops are the suburban hipermercados, a smaller supermarket in the city centre and several grocery-stops. There are two hypermarkets in the harbour area offering a wide range of products, meats and shellfish and ready meals.

From Estepona take the motorway no. 7 eastwards towards Málaga. Estepona is famous for biking and playing football, with many street racing in the area and three large indoor and outdoor sports centres. There are many different types of course around Estepona: It has a Mediterranean atmosphere, like the remainder of the Costa del Sol.

City Clock Tower. The Ferias y Fiestas mightores, held annually in early July. Panoramic views from the Calvary of Estepona.

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