The Eriyadu Island, home of the smartline Eriyadu, offers perfection in a small package. Eriyadu Island Resort Male is located on the oval, untouched island of Eriyadu in North Atoll Male. Locate the best things to do near Eriyadu Island Resort, times for you. This forecast shows the local time for Eriyadu. Yriyadu Island Resort North Male Atoll North Male Atoll Maldives.

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Nearly perfectly - Review of Eriyadu Island, Maldives

At the beginning of October we stayed six nights on this small isle. A small, rustical isle with only 57 rooms and no private house, which suits me very well. Speedboat transfer of 45 min., a little far from other speedboat accessible isles, but definitely favoured by floatplane transfer.

This was the period we used to get a datasim which can be used at a sensible rate in the area. Eriyadu's kind employees gave us good advise. Unfortunately, the resorts didn't seem to have a habitual way to reply to emails. Please take your own toiletries. This is a budgetary reserve and does not mean flamboyant cuisine.

However, the gastronomy staff goes to work with a lot of passion and understanding to give the guest the feeling of being something really unique. Choose from a dozen varieties of fruits and the head cook will chop them in front of you. That'?s how they applied the 5-star mindset in 3-star-sound. It was a lot of laughs on the A. I. A. packaged angling at sundown.

All I got during the journey were a few of my friends, among them my family. They' been a big favor to us and we were sharing them with some other people. So we paddled lightly around the isle. Unfortunately, the place did not have a windsurfing or disaster boat, although they promoted with prizes.

Hoping they get that equipment back to the rescue. I' m sure that the residence can increase the guests' contentment a great deal if they can be a little more than that. This is a very hard place to find the next one.

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