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Ebook Reader on the App Store With eBooks.com's Ebook Reader you can view your favorite eBooks on the go....

. Visit eBooks.com and select from a huge library of favorite eBooks that you can easily and quickly fetch... Or browse your eBooks on-line from any Internet-enabled appliance. The Ebook Reader is free and optimised for iPad, iPhone and iPodouch.

Text searching in textbook . Back Up Your eBooks.com bookshelf - Your on-line archive is always available, so whenever you get a new telephone, your eBooks are always available to you. I am very pleased if your staff has reviewed and answered my earlier bad review/feedback here. AVFUL Lay-out, Book does not work with your size and makes it very hard to browse at 41 for the book I was expecting to be quite easy to use.

Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

KyBook 2 Ebook Reader on the App Store

This is the best way to get your book out! The KyBook software is compatible with all popular e-book file types, OPDS catalogues and cloud storage. Continuous development and improvement in tight communication with tens of thousand KyBook-user. - Features support for EPUB (DRM-free), FictionBook (fb2, fibz, fib2. zip), TXT, RTF, PDF, DJVU, Comic Book (cbr,bz, cbt), MobiPocket (mobi), Kindle (azw3) and Audio Book (mp3, m4a, m4b).

  • Includes a vast library of free electronic textbooks through the use of OPDS-catalogues. - Books in your cloud storage or anywhere on the web. - It saves your book in iCloud, Dropbox, Yandex Disk, Google Drive, OneDrive, Cloud Mail. ru, ownCloud (WebDAV) and Sharing Folder (SMB/CIFS). - It allows you to navigate easily within the book using a directory, bookmark or notation.
  • Organizes, catalogs, groups and sorts your book in different ways. - provides detailled information about each of your ledgers. - The book cover selection from various resources, varying title and topics and much more. - Compatibility with translation of text and vocabulary in StarDict and Lingvo DSL formats.
  • Enable support for archive in RAR, TAR and TIP formats. - Allows audio streaming for audiobooks in cloud storage. - Support full-text textbook expression fiuzzy searching and searching. - Auto-densitizes text and allows precise typing. - Allows for previewing iWork, Microsoft Office, CSV, HTML-data.

My dear user, KyBook 2 is a further developement of the KyBook projec. New way to catalog eBooks and collaborate in the clouds. iCloud supports e-book retention and meta data synchronisation. All my textbooks are accessible from the clouds (dropbox and Google drive). Can I copy a book stored on my computer?

It' also small, which is important if you don't have a great deal of stowage area. Originally released version of Kyoto supports opends server that requires user/passport authentification. Paste back into your opends authentification, especially now that the orginal kybok is no longer supported or trusted under the new version of the iOS11!

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