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Both Echuca and Moama are twin towns on the banks of the Murray River. Get your tickets online for the main activities in Echuca, Australia on TripAdvisor: The Echuca is located in an irrigated pastoral and agricultural area on the Murray River, directly opposite the border town of Moama in New South Wales. Experience the historic charm of the Murray River in Echuca Moama, Australia's capital of paddle steamers. The paddle-steamer capital of Australia, the twin towns of Echuca and Moama, are rich in riverboats, tasty food and wine and towering red gums.

About Echuca

The Echuca is located in an Irigid Herder and Farming Area on the Murray Rivier, directly opposite the frontier city of Moama in New South Wales. The Echuca is the nearest village on the Murray to Melbourne. Measured in 1854, Echuca quickly developed into one of Australia's busy seaports, with bucket wheel steamships carrying the entire country's interior via the rivers.

Improvements in the transportation of goods by roads and rails were finally taken over, and freight traffic on the Echuca port stopped in the early 1900s. Farming and tourist industry have been Echuca's major industry ever since. Echuca's prosperity as a paddle-steamer and riverside trading centre has given it an historical heritage on which a large part of today's tourist industry is based.

From 1865, the former Rotgummi shipyard was gradually built as a three-stage building to enable the ascent and descent of the stream, which eventually reached a length of 1200m. Today, only a small part of the port of Echuca is still intact and serves as a lookout platform on the Murray and its surroundings.

In addition to the landing stage, there is also a local history building, historical objects, exhibits and boat-trips. The building is a mixture of modern store frontages and historical structures such as the former postal service with its striking 1870 watch-house, several banking houses and churchyards.

To the south of Heygarth Street, this broad avenue is bordered by a number of Motel, Church, a movie theater and a mall. There are many historical houses with a number of restaurants, bars, hotels and specialty stores just off Heygarth Street. Echuca's hot weather and Murray River setting, bordered by parkland and indigenous forest, make it a favourite spot for people.

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