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Of course, a large part of our travel planning revolves around getting out of the cold in winter. ahinatur travel agency to make sure we've seen the best parts of Easter Island. Everything about Easter Island in one place. Our agent Tamara McCormick visited Easter Island and Santiago last month. You also own a small travel agency on the island.

over a travel agency - review of Easter Island Travel, Hanga Roa, Chile

I' m not overreacting when I call Sofia one of my new heros on Easter Island Travel! We' ve been touring with the EIT for two days: She was a treasure of knowing from the minute Sofia came to pick us up. First I wasn't sure if we would be swamped with information, but within 5 mins I was so thankful that we had such an informative someone to give us our trip.

During the two-day event Sofia met an unbelievable number of topics: geographical, historical, mythological, geological and meteorological, social sciences, languages and recent news. Besides the fact that she was a scholar and a well-read individual, Sofia was fully accessible and we could ask her many things, not only about the pages and the mai, but also about the things we saw in her.

We' ve been travelling through South America for three long week and these two dates were certainly the high points of our whole journey. A little scream to Elisa, who we assumed would be trained as a tourist leader. Elisa, who is the spouse of a man named Rafa Nui and the dam of a baby named Rafa Nui, had a lot of interesting information to tell and I think she will also be a great leader.

In order to really savor this journey, please check the EIT e-mail thoroughly and get and do what they say - get the parking ticket at the airfield, and get all the deliveries they suggest. Get in front of your hotels because you won't want to miss a single moment of the touring.

I am a veggie, so eating was generally difficult in South America, but I had some of the best dishes of the journey in Rapid Nui, as well as an exquisite Ranu Raraku Impanada of soybean. Maybe you're asking yourself how much the trips cost, and now I know you have to afford a good time.

The payment for these two tours was fully rewarded.

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