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Land of Easter Island

from the Pacific to Easter Isd. Travel to Chile's famous wine country for a tour of the historic winery Santa Rita Choose your preferred destination from the list below. Other useful information about Easter Island. Isle of Rongo Easter for sale.


The longest country in the whole wide range of the globe, Chile covers 6,435 km from the N to the S of Latin America and occupies about half of the West Coastline. It is this extraordinary form and geographic extent that define the extreme diversity of the Chilean climate: of the country is the dryest deserts in the moonscape scenery (Mars Rover are under test here) - Atacama deserts, and gentle, similar to a Mediterranean climat in the middle of the country goes southwards into the snow-capped mountain climes, which along with volcanos and icebergs, which towards the forested fjordom and lochs also form a rough, but completely opposite the northface.

It has a Pacific coastline as its westerly boundary, and the eastern part of the country is protected by the Andes. It is a breathtaking blend of magnificent coastline and magnificent Andes that can be seen to perfection in the scenic city of the Chilean capitol, Santiago. It was once split between the Inca kingdom and the Indians Mapuczami or Araucans (the state existed almost into the 20th centuries with a Spaniard settlement and Chile independent), eventually surrendering to Hispanic influence, but the ancient Hindu tradition is still maintained in reserves.

Chile is not only the western coastline of South America - but also far away in the Pacific, in Polynesia, the mystical Easter Isl. is an area of Chile. Aka Rapa Nui (also known as Rapa Nui, identical to the native people of the island), Easter Isle is one of the most enigmatic and remote parts of the world.

Coastline full of volcanos, overlooking the ocean huge moaistats - unidentified source unidentified depiction, or how and why they were made. Interpreting what you see on Rapa Nui is open to the fantasy, and this is certainly one of the most fascinating worldviews.

One of the most advanced and robust Latin American nations, Chile is known for its breathtakingly stunning scenery, magnificent cranes and exotic wines.

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