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population of Easter Island

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The Easter Island Population | Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

The Easter Island, or Rafa Nui, has been a puzzle since the first landing of Europeans in 1722. But there are about 900 huge sculptures around the island.......... how could such a small municipality build, transport and erect so many of them? Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution estimates the population at up to 17,500 persons - a significant increase.

This number was achieved through the growing of yams, the basic foodstuff. With the help of ground samples, they were able to use 19 percent of the island for the growing of yams and extrapolate the results - up to the new population.

Poor southern (and Southern Ocean) climate has led to a fall in yams output - a semi-tropical crop. There is no need to worry about environmental suicides or plantations that plunder the island for labour. In Great Britain and Northwestern Europe, yams generally do not cultivate outdoors, but can be cultivated under glas or in synthetic polytunnels.

The Easter Island population's incidence of cancers - 2006-2010. - general abstract

On Easter Island, the population consists of indigenous peoples, the Rapa Nui civilization and presented humans, who come mainly from mainland Chile and have a different ethnical ancestry. This research aimed at describing the incidence of cancers in the populations of Easter Island and comparing the results secondary to other Polynesian and Chilean isles.

In 2006-2010, we examined the statistic of the number of clients in the Hanga Roa Hospital and found a tot of 49 clients with tumours during the trial. In the Easter Islands, the most common types of tumours were chest and neck tumours (8 cases), 8 cases of dermatological tumours, 8 cases of uterine tumours, 5 cases of pulmonary and 4 cases of stomach tumours.

By sex, in most common female cases of malignant disease was the chest, followed by dermis and cervix, while in men, pulmonary, prostatic and haematopoietic malignancies were the most common. The most cases of uterine carcinoma were found in female patients of the Rafa Nui ethnic group, while most cases of dermatological carcinoma were found in non-Rapa Nui patients.

For the most frequent cancers on Easter Island, educating (e.g. Papanicolaou and breast screening) and preventing them in the municipality (e.g. sunscreen, avoiding cigarettes) should be useful instruments to decrease the risk of infection.

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