Easter Island Monuments

Monuments of Easter Island

Statues of Easter Island: their nature, deterioration and preservation. 5: Easter Island - 5 mystical monuments from all over the globe Ancient Europeans described Easter Island as a wastelands. Without bushes and saplings, the island was nothing more than a New York pasture. However, the apparently corpse was spiced up with almost 1,000 moai: gigantic monumental man figures with a weight of up to 86 tonnes. With no material for making ropes and wood, the visitor asked himself how the early Easter residents could install these gigantic figures?

Little by little, the researchers discovered the cooling detail that underlies the island's statuesomania. They found out five hundred years ago that Easter Island was a tropic heaven with luxuriant woods and up to 20,000 inhabitants. It was the monuments themselves that led Easter Island to its present ruins, according to writer Jared Diamond[source: Diamond].

The Easter Island people, trapped in a moodi build-ing rush, left the island's woods empty. Without wood to make canoeing, the island' s inhabitants could no longer go hunting for harbour porpoise - one of their major livelihoods. The once flourishing inhabitants of Easter Island were unavoidably compelled to fall back on Cannibalism. Researchers have a fairly good reason why the Easter Island people build the mai.

The competing groups of Easter were caught in a deadly battle for the entry of their rivals. What always amazes the scientists, however, is the fact that the Easter Islanders were apparently helpless to stop the demolition of their own home.

Moai Monuments Easter Island Private Tour with transport

Celebrate your own personal journey of epoxy dimensions as you explore the major towns of the enigmatic and world-famous Easter Island with its hundrets of dispersed moais. During your 7-hour personal trip, you' ll be able to see astonishing places, both renovated and not. Encounter your driver/guide at your lodge at 10am and start your days discovering the stunning sights of the Easter Island mosaics.

Discover Tahai, where the sun is shining on a renovated town once inhabited by the old inhabitants of the island, with several sculptures of mai. Rano Raraku, the extraordinary part of the island where you can see virtually hundred of sculptures of megalith in different phases of woodcarving. The stone pit of sculptures is the birth place of the mai.

Tongariki, renovated between 1992-96, is the most impressive of the various decks when you see 15 of the biggest sculptures with their stony faces facing the sunset. Lastly, you will stop at the beach of Anakena, which was part of the King's household in the Ancients. Please be aware that the $80 US$ entry to the National Park is not covered and you will be returned to your accommodation or marina at the end of your trip.

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