Easter Island Moai Statues

Moai Statues Easter Island

It' time to explore the island and see the Moai statues! Ask about this fascinating holiday on Easter Island in Chile, including the Atacama Desert and Santiago. Look at the Moai statues and visit the historic Valaparaiso. More precisely, killer diving under a "mysterious" underwater moai statue. Noun[edit].

moai (plural moai or moais).

The Easter Island, Land of the Moai and foreign landscapes

The Easter Island is one of the most peculiar places in the world. Featuring a series of stony characters and landscape beyond, it's no wonder some people really believe an alien has made it! When I was in South America last March for my La Carmina blogs, I saw the mysterious "moai" statues in the flesh.

You don't need a starship to get to Easter Island, but it's not the simplest target. As soon as you get there, buy the $80 US National Park ticket, otherwise you won't be able to see the most amazing Moai websites. So I decided to spend the night in a room that corresponded to the Easter Island feel, so I booked into Hangaroa Eco Village.

It' the island and see the Moai statues! Several travellers cycle or hire a vehicle, but I chose a full itinerary with Easter Island Travel. Several of the moai were over 80 tonnes in weight - how did the Rafa Nui bring them across the island? They gave the statues the divine powers that enabled them to get up and go!

However, the explorers think that the island inhabitants have roped around the erect characters and rocked them back and forth to their targets. The Easter Island has an eerie scenery that made me think I was in another world. Very few of them are found here because the people of the island felled them years ago (which led to the demise of their civilisation and possibly to the last desperate attempt to live cannibalism).

Love the lovely headgear on the moai. We were taken to the giant Rano Kau craters, where researchers found a connection named rappamycin. Only found on Easter Island, researchers are testing rapidamycin to prolong its life. More of Moai I saw in Tahai, one of the oldest settlement that dates back to 700 AD.

Archeologists found in 1979 that the moai were initially intended to keep the eyes of corals that have fallen out over the years. Here is the biggest "ahu" or island plattform. All I can think of is what it was like for the discoverers of the Netherlands to reach Easter Island in 1722 and meet this crazy world.

Moai are all somehow different and give everyone a special person. It is the place where most of the moai were made. Archeologists are still making unexpected new explorations of the moai. As the years went by, the statues were inherently coated with EDM, which only let their faces protrude from the gras.

Several of the moai were half cut or deserted, making it look as if they were "sleeping" face down. Until today there are many open question about the Moai. It is exceptional that the old Easter Island trunks were able to build these world renowned rocks. When I visited Easter Island, I felt as if I had just set foot on another world.

Having seen the stony moai, I think the only thing that can top that is a trip into orbit!

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