Easter Island Map Location

Osterinsel Map Location

The location guide for the tide station of Easter Island, which also shows the nearby tide stations and surf breaks. Select Easter Island Site Plan Zoom: Below are listed the most important sights of Easter Island. Select whether you want to display your hotel results as an Easter Island map or a satellite image. Map of Easter Island, list of cities by population and flag.

Locations of Tahai

The Tahai on the west coast is an exponentially fractured coral shelf with incoherent sands. The best windsurfing opportunities are available in this area. Best winds are from the South-East. It tends to maintain remote sources and the best seaway is from the north-west. The other Surfbreaks near Tahai:

Wavesticks near Tahai: Tidal wards near Tahai: skiing areas near Tahai: Urban and town prognoses near Tahai: Mataveri International (Easter Island) International (IPC) in Chile, which is 3 km (2 miles) away, is the next airports for passengers. Tahai's second shortest airfield is (Carnarvon) in Australia, 493 km (306 miles) away.

You can use the tabs above to see Tahai Ocean Temp, Tahai photos, Tahai detail ocean conditions, winds and meteors, Tahai web cams, Easter Island winds and Tahai winds. Connecting to the Chilean charts opens the big image of Chile and the nearby oceans.

You can animate these charts to display the different ocean waves constituents, waves power, waves periods, waves height, as well as winds and waves predictions, actual meteorological and ocean waves from Chilean waves buoy, sailing boats and coast wards. Every prediction page for this Surfbreak includes a local and international wavesfinder to find the best surfing spots in the Tahai area.

Featured Update: We now show scarlet open ocean swell symbols heading in an unfavorable way for the Surfbreak.

Osterinsel information about the airports at Skyscanner

Below you will find information about the Easter Island International Airports. Please use the following link to get more information about the Easter Island airport: location, itineraries, departure and arrival times, etc. The Skyscanner allows you to find the lowest cost airlines to Easter Island International without having to type in certain data or even destination.

You can use the buttons on the page to look for flights information or use the above Find Flights function to perform a new one. Near Easter Island airports: Show all destinations in Chile.

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